Zimbabwe Africans
Zimbabwe Africans
Zimbabwe Africans. Member reactions:
Scary looking little animal. Looks like a cross between a bat and a leopard.
In my personal opinion, this one should have won, certainly not my snake phone and the fact that this finished as far down the list as it did is shameful.
Thanks Crafty and Joan.Thanks you so much dd,I think your snake phone chop is really creative and deserving.I appreciate that you liked this entry.I don't know,some of my stuff just isn't hacking it in the voter's mind.I didn't think it would win,but I thought it would of placed somewhat higher.I spent some time on this one,but it panned.I keep trying out different styles,some of them I did not expect to see very high in this competition.I pulled a HoHouse and put 7 in this time.More then I have ever entered.I thought Zimbabwe was strong going in.It is what it is,I appreciate what you wrote dd,I thank you friend.Your snake phone was incredibly awesome ,so I am glad you won

Funny Zimbabwe Money

Zimbabwe Money
Member reactions:
good work

Funny Zimbabwe Dollars

Zimbabwe Dollars
Due to the spiralling cost and shortage of paper, the Zimbabwe government authorizes you to print the currency at home on your own parchment, click here.
Member reactions:
SHTI. i like this better than mine. Who knew.. GOOD JOB.
Pure quality. Love how you did her face on the banknote showing the banknote specific stylized art.
Congrats on the silver Rainman, very well done.
Hehe got high vote from me. Great work. Congrads on the cup
Thanks all Twas a joke pic for laughs and surprised I got 2nd with it.
Well, it was a great idea, well executed No surprise to me

Funny Zimbabwe Genocide in American Gothic Painting

Zimbabwe Genocide in American Gothic Painting
The Present Government does not care if you were born there or not. If they don't like you or your not from the right Tribe...Look Out.

Funny Zimbabwe Tourism Poster

Zimbabwe Tourism Poster
Were everyone's a billionaire

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