Anthony Weiner `Rogue Zero`
Anthony Weiner `Rogue Zero`
Anthony Weiner "Rogue Zero". Member reactions:
Thanks for commenting. It's a BMW Steve. Bavarian Motor Works
, I had typed his last name but it was changed to "man-meat" mobile. Nice BMW and chop.
Great work SplatS. tough contest I missed the Hall of Fame by a taste Got hit by the Hit-Man
Thanks, Uncle-C. A Gold or 4 more Silvers and you'll have it. I suggest setting you goal much higher though. ☺
Thanks, Steve. I suppose... I should have picked a more popular sort of guy to play Spidey.
Weeeeeneeeeer, there I said it LMFAO. Gads man, what a pick. Hahahahaha. A horn dog with super window peeking ability hahahahaah.. Well, it's a great chop but you know the bigger the subject the better the votes. It's just small. It's good, clean and absurd. All the elements of something I would like. *Sorry Champ, I was on a mission involving the Hall of Fame as well. Sort of bitter sweet But I knew I had to just plow through the inevitable. RIP Doc, we miss you.
Thanks, Eduen. Took me 2 hours to put that damn spider on the hood. And no-one even noticed the nay-kidd girl. I guess that's their loss for not looking.

Funny Brian Williams at Ground Zero

Brian Williams at Ground Zero
Member reactions:
Awesome look... good buildup background... well done
Ha ha ha, this is the best claim he must do, that may be logical though
Overall very well execute. I'm not sure proportions are correctly respected.
Congratulations. The Firemen look like they're having too good a time.

Funny Barcode Zero Liberty

Barcode Zero Liberty
The liberty people were owed Was modified after we slowed The wealth has been taken Our liberty shaken What's left is expressed by a code

Funny Zero Dark Dirty with Abe Lincoln

Zero Dark Dirty with Abe Lincoln
Zero Dark Dirty Lincoln
Member reactions:
out of the box crazy idea very well executed

Funny Room with Zero Gravity

Room with Zero Gravity
Member reactions:
funkwood...all three AWESOME jobs. Congrats on gold, silver & bronze.

Funny Osama Bin Laden in Ground Zero Hell

Osama Bin Laden in Ground Zero Hell
Member reactions:
He should be haunted for all eternity by the innocent lives he killed.
Cool. Seems the bullet in his head caught him by surprise.
I hope those 72 virgins he meets are guys. boy would that screw up his day :0)

Funny Coke Zero Oil Drink

Coke Zero Oil Drink

Funny Zero Gravity Parrot

Zero Gravity Parrot
He'd better eat fast.
Member reactions:
I swear that dog has a human face and I'll have that slice of watermelon if you don't mind.
Thanks for noticing, Kellie. Appreciate it very much.
Thanks, Disasterman. Yeah, it took a few minutes...bwahahahah.
by the way, whats that floating on the right side of the DOG.
No comment, but I think it came from Canada.
hahaha, go dizman... yuk... well done on the chop mate... love it..
I like how both levitation and perspective are shown here. The use of shadows detached from the objects creates the feeling of levitation/space and the use of blur for further objects shows perspective nicely. The confused look at the doggie's face next to the levitating bowl and food (and something else ) is priceless.
Thanks, Goat. Thanks, Newsy. Yeah, I c0cked the head of the doggie...and moved his eyes so he'd be looking at "something else" as it floated near him.
Congratulations. Your chops are innovative and rate high on chuckle-factor meter.
Thanks, geriatric. "Chuckles" is my middle name...and my favorite candy as a kid as well.
Thanks, andwhat and Ivan. Appreciate it.
Thanks, ibou. I appreciate that you always congratulate me.

Funny Cooking in Zero Gravity

Cooking in Zero Gravity
Member reactions:
Love the floating dentures and toilet paper.
Is the guy with the pants down to his ankles, by any chance, deaddog.
The toilet paper and pizza are here at once. Are they so bad cooks. Hilarious stuff.

Funny Zero Gravity Kitchen

Zero Gravity Kitchen
Member reactions:
Nice idea. Better blending on the onion and the cuke would have made it perfect.
cool stuff Luke.. congrats on the bronze..
Solid levitation work. Cleaning up such levitating kitchen is probably every woman's nightmare.

Funny Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity
You can probably guess that I always have some project on the back burner. This week, I was working on a physics problem related to a superhero movie, and I started working with gravitationally interacting objects in Python. It's not exactly what I wanted, but I ended up making a bunch of gravity balls. And I can't stop playing with them. If you don't know what a gravity ball is, don't worry! Because I totally made them up. A lot of the time, we use physics to describe motion in the real world. I can analyze a viral video to figure out if it's fake, or describe the motion behind your favorite toy, or predict whether a cat will survive a fall from a high-rise building. But sometimes the best way to understand physical properties is by modeling something totally beyond the realm of real life—like gravity balls. Make images that are WITHOUT Gravity using any FAMOUS PAINTING or PHOTOGRAPH. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more on this story Visit This Link

Funny Weddings in Zero Gravity

Weddings in Zero Gravity
Japanese space company started offering wedding ceremonies in space. The price tag is $2.3 million for a flight in a small space vessel at up to 60 miles into the sky. During the hours-long flight the wedding ceremony will be conducted in zero gravity while the couple will be able to observe the Earth from space. The price includes the space ship reservation for the couple and up to three guests. Photoshop weddings in zero gravity (on the Earth or in space) or photoshop weddings in space any way you wish. Partial zero gravity is also acceptable (on earth or in space) - when only some people or objects are floating at a wedding.

Funny Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity
What would Earth be like with zero gravity? Create images that show what life would be like on earth if we had to live with no gravity.

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