Frankenstein Wedding in Zero Gravity
Frankenstein Wedding in Zero Gravity
Member reactions:
Nice texture and light work, gives it a real crisp feel

Funny Zero Gravity Wedding Kiss

Zero Gravity Wedding Kiss

Funny Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity
Gravity Outage. Gravity Switched Off Due to Essential Maintenance Work
Member reactions:
Without gravity there would be no down or up.
A sharper source image for the guy would have perfected this chop.
I appreciate the critique, Katie (and I agree). However, in this instance, much easier said than done. Finding photos of people falling thru the air proved very difficult.
I love this chop Luna. Great job. Congrats on the silver. Happy New Year.
Congratulations on the silver, Luna - magnificent work here. and Happy New Year.
I still liked this chop top side down, and things going up, the house and the picket fense make the picture,still was my favorite, congrats great job.

Funny Trying to Drink Wine in Zero Gravity

Trying to Drink Wine in Zero Gravity
Member reactions:
Now vino what goes on at the International Space Station.
Floating bottle may need to have a slight shade on the guy's face for more realism. I would also give the bottle and wine drops slight motion blur.
Congrat's Luciano, image very well finished. Junka

Funny Chrysler Zero Hover Car

Chrysler Zero Hover Car
Member reactions: about a smoooooth ride. Nice.

Funny Tower Bridge Zero Gravity

Tower Bridge Zero Gravity
I ignore some of the details, because of lack of time sorry for this
Member reactions:
Great idea and a nice build. In a chop like this, try to avoid the 'blur' effect as it does pull away from the crispness of the rest of the image.
Love the attention to pespective....Good job. Some added pieces of the falling bricks slashing into the water would have been icing on the cake.

Funny Zero Gravity 100 Dollar Bill

Zero Gravity 100 Dollar Bill
Source from SXC
Member reactions:
Nifty idea, but I don't think the ink's shadow would be colored

Funny Beer in Zero Gravity

Beer in Zero Gravity
Light Beer, Very Light...
Member reactions:
good attention to the liquid in the bottle too.

Funny Santa Flying a Zero Plane on a Calendar

Santa Flying a Zero Plane on a Calendar
This calendar went to print in November of 1941. It has since been discontinued. Story 1 Story 2 If you full view, you can tell it is Santa flying the Zero.

Funny Zero gravity room

Zero gravity room
Member reactions:
While you were at work, I rearranged the living room.

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