Robert Plant the Led Zeppelin King
Robert Plant the Led Zeppelin King
Robert Plant the Led Zeppelin King. Robert Plant. Number One on the WTF-O-Meter.
Member reactions:
Excellent, but one thing...the crown looks like it's pasted on the front of his head instead of sitting on top of it.
Ahhhh, yes, it is very loosely placed indeed. There is a reason for that. Hint: Think of what Robert Plant did recently that could jeopardize his crown. Thanks Doc. Check Current news
TY Sulliishire, You bring much needed hope
Ha ha ha look at his face... full of anger and ready to rule quality chop
Great caricature, like the face and eye color
As always, top notch work, congrats on the win.
Thanks for the comments and votes, Champ, Luciano. Eric. For those of you that might be a wee bit out of the loop, Lead singer (Robert Plant) for Led Zeppelin turned down an $800,000,000.00 contract to get the band back together for a summer tour. He is indisputably rock & roll royalty so I put a squirrel in his crown signifying he's crazy and the crown in a position where it is ready to fall... due to his infinitely unpopular decision to not accept the more than generous offer from Sir. Richard Branson. In retrospect it would have been less confusing to show the crown actually falling with like a motion blur or something Also thanks to Gummy, Hobbit and Elegary
Congratulations, Hit-man. Great Caricature Face. I agree a bit crazy to turn down 800M.
Thanks Bob, Doc and SS. Well, my jaw went slack. I had to reread the number a few times just to make sure my eyes weren't malfunctioning. My God, I would perform ... with a monkey humping my head, and an aardvark surgically attached to my rump all in front of the pope for 800 Mil. No way I could turn that down, Jeeeeeepers.
Immaculate work Hit,great Robert Plant and vibrant colors.Bronze congrats my friend
TY Hobbit & LC As long as you happy I happy.
Nice caricature of Robert Plant, Hits. Congrats on the bronze.

Funny Pirate Captain Barack Obama in a Zeppelin

Pirate Captain Barack Obama in a Zeppelin
Sources Used For some reason I was thinking about the mummy with the water and that funny zeppelin they were flying around in so I decided to go with a Captain Morgan Poster Ad
Member reactions:
Excellent. Makes me wanna read some adventure books again.
cool work musicalnote , I agree with newsy

Funny Zeppelin City in the Clouds

Zeppelin City in the Clouds
Member reactions:
Full view is wunderbar. Makes me think of Jules Verne stories.
Congrats Funkster Great remod job. I like it better than the original.
Thanks all. Wish I could've chopped a funny entry... Rain swept that category, . AZ, it's great that you noticed this was a rechop.... I do that once in a while. Not out of laziness tho.... it's just that rehashing old ideas are fun to do. original
Pretty epic and beautiful. Nobody does glass domes as good as you. I'm impressed.
Bronze zeppelin for funkster, congrats, mate.
Way to go Master Funkwood. The Mothership skin has a beautiful look to it.

Funny Zeppelin 747

Zeppelin 747

Funny Man Dangling From Zeppelin

Man Dangling From Zeppelin
I'm in NO position to broadcast the news.
Member reactions:
What if the knot gives. Major bad hair day...
Yes this is the other side of the coin for tourism ads

Funny Zeppelin Crashing into Tower

Zeppelin Crashing into Tower
Oh, the humanity...
Member reactions:
Simply a matter of time, I knew somebody would commemorate the Hindenberg Disaster...boom.
Yeah, cool image... Mankind sure has made a few leaps and strides since then.
Hey this is awesome work.. Congrats on Gold.
congrats on the gold that was amazing work , welcome back to FReakingnews , keep up top chops

Funny Zeppelin with Legs and Wings

Zeppelin with Legs and Wings
i have no ideaaaa ..
Member reactions:
Awesome creativity. Reminds me of pop art.
Agree with the above. 4 legged attraction.
that was nice Vipez great work , keep going friend

Funny Glen Beck Advertising on Zeppelin

Glen Beck Advertising on Zeppelin
Glen Beck brings his show... To hell.
Member reactions:
The Television business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side. (Hunter S. Thompson) "GO GLEN."
Good Luck.
Is that a Hitler of Chaplin moustache. Is there a difference. I like the flames. Good luck.
Cutting satire. Good job. I do hope this is Chaplin mustache though, as reference to Hitler is forbidden by the FN rules.
Yes totally a Chaplin stache... I mean Charlie Chaplin and Glenn Beck are two of the WORLD'S most famous CLOWNS right. (;
Course even if it was a "hitler stache" I do believe it would be less offensive than the Faux news logo.

Funny Children Flying a Zeppelin

Children Flying a Zeppelin
We got it sis

Funny Zeppelin Kiwi Fruit

Zeppelin Kiwi Fruit
Member reactions:
"Fliegen Sie mit" - das würde ich wohl gerne mal machen... I like the idea - it's creative and the image looks nice. But your image contains some little mistakes you might havn't seen: - Reflections: The main one looks good, but it's to big - bigger than the zep. And I can spot the (dont know the name...) passenger section which is on the bottom side of the zep... The cutted parts should also get some reflections. - The cutting areas should be darker, especially at the front / inner side; the light comes from behind. I'm curios to see the sources - this might give a nice Out of Bounds
I think toms critique woulda done this one well, still a nice peice
Excellent concept. Tom has great critique

Funny Zeppelin

Photoshop this zeppelin image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: re-designing this zeppelin, merging the zeppelin with other objects or animals, putting the zeppelin into some unusual environment, using this zeppelin image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Esra Su and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

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