Zebra Seal
Zebra Seal
Zebra Seal. Member reactions:
This works so well, fantastic job zebra striping. Congrats on the Bronze, Mano.

Funny Zebra fish

Zebra fish
Member reactions:
So simple and elegant, Luciano. It looks like it really could exist.

Funny Zebra


Funny Women on a Zebra Fur Rug Digital Art

Women on a Zebra Fur Rug Digital Art
Mixed Media
Member reactions:
Pretty nice one young lass. I'll take that lamp and the tall one hahahahahaha.
Thank you anuradhaallu. Glad you like them. Thank you SplatShot and thank you Hitspinner.
Thought it one of your best mixed media chops, Joan

Funny Barcode on a Zebra

Barcode on a Zebra
Member reactions:
Excellent, but why is For Sale tag blurred along with the glove and the zebra's ear.

Funny Striped Zebra Caterpillar

Striped Zebra Caterpillar

Funny Zebra Without a Neck

Zebra Without a Neck

Funny Zebra Fish

Zebra Fish
Member reactions:
Lovely black stripes in its body a real example of the existence of today's Zebras on the land

Funny Zebra Wearing a Beach Ball Wig

Zebra Wearing a Beach Ball Wig
Please View Full
Member reactions:
Very nice colors and shadows good color enhancement

Funny Juventus Fan Camouflaged Zebra

Juventus Fan Camouflaged Zebra
Full View Please..
Member reactions:
..... Zebra is also one of the team members.... good stripes design and funny to see Jeep imprinted into that animal
Excellent choppage. But friggin 5th. I hate 5th. I got hundreds. Rather be 10th We should have a cup for 5th. I award you an imaginary 5th cup and Vlad will give you a pat on the back. We'll call it the FAM cup for F---------g All Most.

Funny If Zebras Ruled

If Zebras Ruled
Zebra's distinct black and white stripes provided it with camouflage and survival for thousands of years. When zebra stands in high grass, its vertical stripes make the animal practically invisible for Zebra's main predator, lion, which is color blind. Zebras standing together in a herd also make it hard for predators to differentiate between individual animals when picking the one to attack. Zebra's stripes have inspired many effective and creative designs - for instance the famous "zebra crossing" is even named after the zebra's black and white stripes. Photoshop how life would be different if zebras ruled the world, by giving black and white striped paint jobs to any animals, objects, people, buildings, statues, etc.

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