Zebra fish
Zebra fish
Zebra fish. Member reactions:
Lovely black stripes in its body a real example of the existence of today's Zebras on the land

Funny Vets Attend an Injured Zebra

Vets Attend an Injured Zebra
Member reactions:
Awesome remake - the trio looks totally authentic in the new composition. Congrats on the wood, claw.

Funny Zebra Fish

Zebra Fish
Fish+Zepra=Fishra Full View.....
Member reactions:
Really Creative thinking here well tried hidden
Where are the rest of it ha ha ha very nice work hidden

Funny Sarah Palin Wearing a Zebra

Sarah Palin Wearing a Zebra
Member reactions:
So funny Z-Bra. Nicely tagged "Z" on your Product Good Smoke work
very good..
thanks guys for the comments

Funny Sexy Zebra

Sexy Zebra
Member reactions:
Boy, wait till Bob Barker hears about this...
good composition, every object cast a perfect shadow
Wonderful job. Nicely managed with zebra.

Funny Zebra Cow

Zebra Cow

Funny Grumpy Clown with a Zebra

Grumpy Clown with a Zebra
She did not like the game of paint. source
Member reactions:
vandalist clowns contend they were only trying to protect the zebra from poachers...
Looks like a group of Art Critics......nice work.
Hilarious, clever, and very well executed. I like how she's leading the zebra by the ear, and the paint slap on the zebra's side

Funny Zebra Fish Strange Animal

Zebra Fish Strange Animal
And i cant swim
Member reactions:
LoL Weird good wk...reckon it would'v looked good in an underwater scene.
I bet he could swim & Zebra paddle at the same time

Funny Multi Colored Zebra

Multi Colored Zebra
Mixing their colours, they became the black & white zebras we all know today
Member reactions:
Now this would be a great posater for Kodac

Funny Zebra Elephant Rhino Babies

Zebra Elephant Rhino Babies
Member reactions:
Very clean work, I like it. I would add a shadow on the t-shirt of elephant from the trunk
Superb job. the slime. You can still edit and add shadow - just click "edit link" under the entry.
opcrom really adorable... clean creative,,love the spit .... congrats.
The more I look at this, the more I love it. Great, great job, opcrom.
Very realistic chop, the three little ones are so lovely. Congratulations
Congrats on your first advanced gold, opcrom.
The Zebra and Elephant interactions make this for me.

Funny If Zebras Ruled

If Zebras Ruled
Zebra's distinct black and white stripes provided it with camouflage and survival for thousands of years. When zebra stands in high grass, its vertical stripes make the animal practically invisible for Zebra's main predator, lion, which is color blind. Zebras standing together in a herd also make it hard for predators to differentiate between individual animals when picking the one to attack. Zebra's stripes have inspired many effective and creative designs - for instance the famous "zebra crossing" is even named after the zebra's black and white stripes. Photoshop how life would be different if zebras ruled the world, by giving black and white striped paint jobs to any animals, objects, people, buildings, statues, etc.

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