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Funny Yuma Pictures

3:10 To Yuma Christmas ParodyFunny 3:10 To Yuma Christmas Parody
Member reactions:
My Inspiration Please view in Full, I added a link to my inspiration. I built this movie poster based on that, and tried to get it as close to the original while making it completely different Merry Christmas.
Quality work. Nice to see you again, Slayer.
LOOOVE this one... should have finished way higher in the voting in my humble opinion. Your "Santa" choice is perfect. Fits perfectly in the spirit on the contest theme. Nicely done BeerSlayer.

310 To YumaFunny 310 To Yuma
Member reactions:

310 To Yuma......... my way. For those familiar with the movie and are wondering why I have Christian Bale ridding a cow instead of a horse it's because the underlinning story of the movie is really about the plight of the poor rancher who is about to lose his scrawny cattle and ranch to Mr. Hollander to whom he owes money. Mr. Hollander is denying him water that passes over his land first to starve him out so he then helps a Pinkerton agent take Ben Wade, an outlaw stagecoach robbing gang leader, for a hundred desperately needed dollars, to the train in Contention to be tried and hung in Yuma.
Congrats DD, excellent work love the bullet in motion.
Wonderful. The flying bullet is a nice touch here.

Brokeback YumaFunny Brokeback Yuma
Member reactions:

Valentine Yuma MovieFunny Valentine Yuma Movie
Member reactions:

One of the best entries in the contest. Me likes.

Yuma SequelFunny Yuma Sequel
Member reactions:

hope u guys like this.. =)

Running to YumaFunny Running to Yuma
Member reactions:

I wold make some corrections in English: 1) The man beating his own record 2) Running is good Quality work.

Gladiator  and YumaFunny Gladiator and Yuma
Member reactions:

The epic saga of a gladiator that meets his gunslinging clone, and why you should never bring a sword to a gun fight.
Clint Eastwood voice "Do you feel lucky." Quality work here.

Duel in YumaFunny Duel in Yuma
Member reactions:

Good work, but I suggest increasing the opacity of the front hand.

3:10 to YumaFunny 3:10 to Yuma
Member reactions:

Another great movie by the makers of "Dude, Where's My Car".
The concept and the names are absolutely brilliant.

Colt 45 to YumaFunny Colt 45 to Yuma
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3:10 to YumaFunny 3:10 to Yuma - The new western flick "3:10 to Yuma" by Lionsgate was the U.S. box office winner for the past weekend, surpassing the "Halloween" and "Superbad". The movie features Russell Crowe and Christian Bale, and tells a story how a rancher in need of money accepts the assignment to transport a felon to Yuma for imprisonment. Things change dramatically when the criminal makes the ranger an offer he can't refuse, in return for allowing him to escape... Photoshop the movie "3:10 to Yuma" any way you wish. Examples may include changing the cast actors, designing a sequel or prequel, or merging it with another movie. Try to come up with a creative name for your movie.

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