Putin Parachuting with Yuan and Hu Jintao
Putin Parachuting with Yuan and Hu Jintao
Putin Parachuting with Yuan and Hu Jintao. Russia, China announce progress on $4 bn fund
Member reactions:
Very Well Composed Nice Color Contrast. Great work
wonderful chop nice to see the Russian and the Chinese were too happy on this deal
Fantastic Background, Awesome parachute with Great buddies
thanx D-man, PSMandrake: thanks a lot, quite honored my friend.
I was sure it was you . Congrats Salis2006 .
A Belated Congrats on the Gold, salis wonderful stuff, oh young & talented one .

Funny Yuan Dollars in Dali Painting

Yuan Dollars in Dali Painting
China to make yuan 'more flexible'

Funny China Yuan + US Dollar

China Yuan + US Dollar
Member reactions:
Love the added touch of the company names.
Wal-Mart,Parker Bros, Where's Panda Express..
Beautiful. Hard to compete with this one.
Super. Wicked nice. Did not know that Barry-O would be going bald in front by the end of his term.
Do you have a rot of these. Can you prease give me a roan. . Great chop AZ and maybe not so far fetched
Congrat's on the gold, a beautiful composition, with certainty that new money must go buy a hamburger in Domnald MC's, but will go to buy a coke too. der if I get in new money.. Cheers Mandrak
u da king, u should have yur own currency.

Funny 20 Yuan Chinese Pug

20 Yuan Chinese Pug
Member reactions:
Perfect haha
Excellent match but the banknote appears blurry

Funny US Dollar Fighting the Chinese Yuan

US Dollar Fighting the Chinese Yuan
Member reactions:
I get the concept, just might need a little more work.
The composition is genius in my opinion, and very different from the rest of the entries. However I would add shadows on earth from the objects, and use a sharper source for the Chinese dragon.

Funny Yuan One Dollar Bill

Yuan One Dollar Bill
Member reactions:
Good blending of the two currencies, but I wish more elements of dollar were blended besides the central figure.

Funny Stones Collect Many Yuan

Stones Collect Many Yuan
It's only rock'n'roll, but I like it - Stones in China . View full for maximum effect.
Member reactions:
Great job matching the poster's watercolor texture; great job overall.
Nice entry, my only problem is that they (especially the two on the left) look like they don't have necks.
Can anybody translate the caption please.

Funny 20 Yuan Chinese Money Pug

20 Yuan Chinese Money Pug

Funny Yuan Dollar Currency Workers

Yuan Dollar Currency Workers
Member reactions:
Interesting blend, but is the transparent layer on purpose. I feel like I am looking through 3/4 glass. It might be good to work on the currency only and then drop it into a Chinese work scene like what you have. Nice concept.
I like the blended yuan with US dollar, but I agree with Registered about the transparent part - it looks a bit confusing.

Funny Chinese Yuan vs US Dollar

Chinese Yuan vs US Dollar
The Chinese government issued threats to drop the dollar exchange rates by dumping all of its $1.33 trillion foreign reserves if Washington implements trade sanctions to revaluate Yuan. The United States started considering imposing tariffs and barriers on imports of Chinese goods to stop the growth of its' trade deficit with China, which is strongly affected by the current US Dollar / Yuan exchange rates. This is a pretty open contest where we ask you to photoshop Chinese Yuan and US Dollar in the same entry anyway you want. Your entry must contain both currencies, or references to both currencies. Examples: Create objects from the two currencies, show yuan and dollar fighting with each other, demonstrate how one can be used in ways superior to another, or simply create new currencies for both countries (remember to show them in one entry somehow - e.g. merging them together).

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