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Funny King Psy Dancing Gangnam Style on Youtube

King Psy Dancing Gangnam Style on Youtube
Exclusive: Psy 'Can't Believe' 'Gangnam Style' Broke 1 Billion Views
Member reactions:
Awesome.... Gagnam Style wonderful work done, out of the Box step... love the PSY Gagnam Style Youtube entry
Congratulations. Looks so Vietnamese-I feel a flashback coming on. Good work.
Great colorful composition and caricature. Congrats on the wood, Jim. Happy New 2013 year.
Thank you Geriatric and Newsie.. Happy New Year.

Funny Psy Dancing Gangnam Style with Youtube Award

Psy Dancing Gangnam Style with Youtube Award
PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ breaks world record as most liked YouTube video
Member reactions:
Cool , i like the way you did this , i see you did some 3d PSing on the sidewalk . Fantastic ....
Thanks Chilli & pacovilla for your compliments
Excellent way to show the image nice caricature and love him to hold the Certificate of Record good job done
Add my name to the list of people who've watched the video. Chop captures PSY nicely.
Like the Doggy hearing the music Good work

Funny Vimeo Imitating Youtube

Vimeo Imitating Youtube
Member reactions:
"I wouldn't know the difference anyway."
nice and clean, like the screen shot BG. nice.
i like it (whisper* but you forgot the toolbar)
Nice imitation, looks so real and perfectly blended even the webpage behind looks so real

Funny Claudette Colbert Youtube Advert

Claudette Colbert Youtube Advert
"Always wanted to do one of those Time Warp thingies."

Funny Your Tube Youtube Tooth Paste

Your Tube Youtube Tooth Paste opposed to MyTube I guess.

Funny YouTube Sent Me a Cat Christmas Card

YouTube Sent Me a Cat Christmas Card
On the first day of Christmas YouTube sent to me...
Member reactions:
Scientists proved that cat videos can be used to fight depression
Not only Cat Videos there are some other videos in YouTube can also fight depression
I am rather fond of sandbox-er cat videos myself Hahahahahahaah. Good job.

Funny YouTube Fame Book

YouTube Fame Book
Internet Star Tay Zonday releases a book on how he did it. please rate and comment. thanks and enjoy
Member reactions:
I like the concept but I wish you made it look more like a book cover - would choose a portrait layout rather than landscape, and possible chop it over some book source

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