Retired Terminator Dreams About the Ghost of His Youth
Retired Terminator Dreams About the Ghost of His Youth
Retired Terminator Dreams About the Ghost of His Youth. Cyborg dreams about youth when his name was Arnold.
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Like your idea of putting the metal skeliton and a cigar added to it very well done
Ha ha ha very nice work with All terminators Super cool
I think this one is off the chart strange and bizarre
Thank you, Hitspinner. See you at "Weapons for Peace" contest.
Not sure if I'll enter that. Nothing has come to mind Have you ever read "I Robot" by Asimov. I got to thinking about sentience and the concept of a machine having a soul or being occupied by one more speciffically. Deep stuff

Funny Where's Obama's youth vote?

Where's Obama's youth vote?
Youth to stay home in November.
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ha ha ha funny look given to all they really look young in this makeover
"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" Good Chop Hid

Funny Automotive Fountain of Youth

Automotive Fountain of Youth
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Great chop I got meself a new ride a 2011 Mustang GT 500 already up graded the engine took the factory 550HP supercharger off and put a 650HP supercharger on her. Shes quick............
i just love how people today can make something half submerged and still be able to see under the water...awesome effect.even the coloring in the water looks real.....awesome
Awesome chop, I love when people do stuff with old cars. Renegade, sounds like you have a sick ride, you should photoshop it into something for us to see at FN,

Funny US Youth Border Patrol

US Youth Border Patrol
Member reactions:
Very disturbing. (It's still a good job though.)
Very creative and great anti-war message here

Funny Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth
Member reactions:
What the New Jersey happened to his face anyway.
McCain went through a little stress when he was 31 as you may have heard. His hair turned white overnight and he can't lift his arms very high. I colored the hair too. His face has seemed to get wider at the bottom in his old age.
Check it out he went through New Jersey. This source photo was taken after his return from prison camp. He had lost a third of his body weight. So he is emaciated a little here. I just liked the image.
I was familiar with this picture and after passing it by a few times, said to myself, "Yeah, what's the big deal, take that picture of young McCain and stick it into a magazine cover." This it hit me like a hammer that the original is B+W. Nice job of colorization. Good looking man. I guess 5-1/2 years of eating watery pumpkin soup, a little rice, crappy nasty infested veggies and all the man-meaty goodness roaches you can catch "Does a Body Good."
"man-meaty goodness", well I never. The ever vigilant FN elves at work again.
steve,,i was thinking that too,,, the starvation diet looks great in 2008,, he was a very nice looking man.. but remember he had alot of surgery on his face for skin cancer too
Congrats Jerry Now we can wave term limits too...
Great job here and I enjoyed reading the comments. Congratulations, Jer. Steve and the FN elves. We have to use filter to control obscene words - that's the reality of any community site.
McCain wins this contest. Thanks everyone.
Really liked this one, his story is pretty
jerry where was that fountain .. congratulations
Congrats Jerry. It wasn't a Remmy, you threw me off. great colorization work.

Funny Youth Vote

Youth Vote
John Edward makes the necessary changes for what it will take to get the youth vote in '08
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"John" sewed letters on the shirt was the cherry on top.

Funny Old age versus Youth

Old age versus Youth
Mind you, John does have Sarah. Sources
Member reactions:
good chop. needs a title word to really fit the poster criteria.
needs a bit more masking, some residuals around McCain's head and where Obama's arm was. Also by his big ol' "open car door" of an ear on the far right.


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I wondered if the little imp (aka: Manneke Pis, Manneken Pis, Mannikin Pis) had managed to make it into any chops.Here's a good example of that famous statue.

Funny Eternal Youth Spray

Eternal Youth Spray
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I'll take a carton puh-leez

Funny Eternal Youth

Eternal Youth
i wish

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