Yoshi's Shooting Bowzer
Yoshi's Shooting Bowzer
Yoshi's Shooting Bowzer. Mario and Luigi uses fireballs. Yoshi uses bullets. He's just that gangsta. Good thing Bowser watches the Matrix on his spare time.

Funny Mario and Yoshi in the Jungle

Mario and Yoshi in the Jungle
do you think you can survive...
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Funny Yoshi's Motorcycle

Yoshi's Motorcycle

Funny Yoshi Africa

Yoshi Africa
Moonling to child: "If you look really hard you can see the yoshi on the earth."
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Look in the upper half of the picture. Yoshi's pink.
I'm looking at the pink and I don't see it.
is it yoshi the cute mario character, or another yoshi. cause i don't see either
It is so obvious. I dont understand why people can't see it. He's got the white belly, the saddle, shoes, the tail, the eyes.

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