Yosemite Paul Ryan
Yosemite Paul Ryan
Yosemite Paul Ryan. Member reactions:
Congrads on the Bronze Cup,excellent paint job.
I can see him this way, good one, congrats.
Great talent shown with this illustrated cartoon character of Ryan. Bronze Grats.
Congrats, DD. Coulda Easily taken the Gold IMO. Great Work...

Funny Real 3D Yosemite Sam

Real 3D Yosemite Sam
Yosemite Sam--Created from scratch. Click link below for layer build... WIP
Member reactions:
I love it. Here you go, a golden gift. Add these to your ammo box. Vital for replacing lost hair in the masking process. Pretty nice job. One of my favorite cartoon whackies Nice wip, wish I knew how to make one. I can make a regular movie....but that is not the same. Cheers http://children7.deviantart.com/art/Hair-Brushes-I-206904278
Very interesting to watch layer build. Good work.
Excellent execution. One thing.....hat texture looks strange to me.
Freaking brilliant. Thanks for posting the WIP too.
Congrats LunaC. Great addition to the collection.
I was pretty sure this was top dog but one never knows. Congrats on the gold.
Congratulations LunaC, On Another Fantastic Cartoon Character Chop.

Funny Ansel Adams Ballooning Over Yosemite

Ansel Adams Ballooning Over Yosemite

Funny Yosemite Sam Child with a Mustache

Yosemite Sam Child with a Mustache
Member reactions:
AWESOME. Amazing sourcing and compositing -- fabulous chop.
Excellent look given and very good work on the Mustache like his eyes also
Thanks all....this one was a struggle to compose. Almost made it to the trashcan, but finally the mojo came back.
Gold congrats Mark,perfect technique and colors.

Funny Eagle Wings Over Yosemite

Eagle Wings Over Yosemite
A tribute to Ansel Adams ... what He wouldn't do with PhotoShop.
Member reactions:
Nice tribute but I think it's a copy/paste job...please see your sources
Of course it's copy and paste; what else. But the photo (Bkgnd) is mine own from a recent trip to YNP ... but I did lasso the bird first--tedious but gratifying and in context with AA's photos.
Great. Looks like an art photo. Nice job on the shadow
Great job in my book, some people just need to look at the details and not just the picture, also AA fan.

Funny Yosemite Castle

Yosemite Castle
Member reactions:
Very Nice...but I would rather take the elevator.
Hard to compete with this one. Superior work, Rain. Congrats.
Congrats AZMojoman. great work on first and second.
Congrats on 1st and 2nd place. Great atmosphere on both images - kudos.
looks like something out of a sci fi or fantasy novel.

Funny Faucet in Yosemite

Faucet in Yosemite
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Member reactions:
No water shortage in this part of the canyon.

Funny Graffiti on a Rock in Yosemite

Graffiti on a Rock in Yosemite

Funny Yosemite Rock

Yosemite Rock
The earth's grim reaper is not liking what he sees.
Member reactions:
The color of the hood matches the surroundings, but not the texture. It still looks like cloth.

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