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Funny York Pictures

Whitney Left The Taps On in New YorkFunny Whitney Left The Taps On in New York
Member reactions:
"If I have told to her once I have told her a thousand times, TURN THE FREAKING TAPS OFF... it will kill her one day...
Get set wet.. Come to the Northend and get dry yourself..
Nice to the smile on the Liberty, very well done with the water effect and nice composition

Norma Jean in New YorkFunny Norma Jean in New York
Member reactions:

Look of old Hollywood glamour is a modern favorite Remembering Marilyn Monroe Full View PLEASE
Marilyn hasn't looked this good for awhile , Beautifully done ,
my friend i not have words... is absolutely wonderful this your new job.... i like veeeeeeery much. congrats in advance
Like what you did the original source, dress looks pretty.
This is the fantastic Chop i have ever seen in this contest.. Very good work with lighting, texture on this pic... nice
She's still smokin' hot. Excellent entry.
sorry.. but face lightning id wrong (look at arms) and even fave colours do not macth the body
Thank you very much to everyone ... and lucianomorelli, don't be sorry, everyone is entitled to their opinion.
She is so beautiful on height getting high Like this hollywood pic and nice work.
Clever "Candle in the wind" reference sells this image for me. Beautificent work.
beautiffffffffful silver my friend... i love this your work... congratsssssssss for this silver
I thought this would win the gold for sure. It's really nicely done.
Many thanks to everyone for your comments and votes ... Greatly appreciated.

New York DestroyedFunny New York Destroyed
Member reactions:

This is so COOOOL....I would center the "Coming Soon" type . Greatest style ever.
a greattt movie poster... many complimets.... i like veeeery much this your work "hidden"
great gold funky... congrats for the win
Congrats Funkwood, the hits just keep on coming.
Thanks guys. This one started as just a poster, and when I realized I forgot to add Nostradamus I added the crystal ball with his reflection. It actually worked out better.
All your works are so . Double congrats and keep it up.
awesome work funkgold you keep doing rock works ..
Nostradamus in crystal ball catches the true prophesy spirit here - I luv it. One of his predictions came true for sure - Funk won gold in this contest. Congrats.
Awesome job funkwood. Congrats on the gold...

The Robot New York CopFunny The Robot New York Cop
Member reactions:

One of my favorites in the contest. Very clean and clever work

Violent Clashes in New YorkFunny Violent Clashes in New York
Member reactions:

All objects came from different sources
Street was empty when I started....fires, smoke, figures, tank and rubble all was GREAT fun putting this together.
Thanks for the nice words all. Always appreciated.
Congrats Arch. Nicely done, cool, entertaining pic. Tight race .023.
Way to go Dennis , Nice chop as always , Gold Congrats ....
Many thanks to all that voted, commented and complimented me on this chop.
Congrats on the gold, Arch. TONS of work here and it shows in full view.

New York Cop Pepper Spraying the Statue of LibertyFunny New York Cop Pepper Spraying the Statue of Liberty
Member reactions:

Well executed. Awesome clean chop. The more I look at it the more I love it.
Thanks Tuco. Really nice of you , thanks ericnorthend

New York Cop Spraying a FireFunny New York Cop Spraying a Fire
Member reactions:

New York Cop CentaurFunny New York Cop Centaur
Member reactions:

Impressive. The head reminds me of vikings.

New York Cop Selling Ice CreamsFunny New York Cop Selling Ice Creams
Member reactions:

Excellent... Pepper I scream.

New York RobocopFunny New York Robocop
Member reactions:

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