Ed Koch in a New York Yellow Cab Tribute
Ed Koch in a New York Yellow Cab Tribute
Ed Koch in a New York Yellow Cab Tribute. Ex- New York City Mayor Ed Koch Passed away Last week. He served three terms as the Mayor of the Big Apple and pulled the city out of financial ruin. He was brash and demanding and at times used humor to get things done. He changed all the no parking signs to read, Don't Even Think of Parking Here and served milk and cookies to protesters in front of his home. He told the protesters it was their right to disagree and thought they might be hungrey. He loved the Big Apple and we loved him.. Member reactions:
Never knew that story about the Mayor...Good on him...Sounded like a good, fair person...
Led life like a king and now going to rule the heavens great work on him putting him on his one of the favorite car with power ring on his head good job
So Cute Good to the see the ring at the top of the head

Funny PSMandrake Returns To New York

PSMandrake Returns To New York
Looks like the New York City cops are not happy with his outfit.. Member reactions:
... Chop fantastic...... I love the tattoo.Just got back in my city. but the police immediately suspicious.
I think you look great as the famous, " ... Cowboy" who actually appears like this in the streets of New York City.
Very funny... Love the dog serving for the Police department good job done He has all the secrets of photo chopping
Very FunnySeems everyone is busy out there
. funny chop Paul. I think PSM maybe suffering a little over exposure. **
Thanks, everybody. PSM is going to have to pay some heavy fines.

Funny Ahmadinejad Heads To New York

Ahmadinejad Heads To New York
Ahmadinejad heads to New York for U.N. meeting. Member reactions:
Awesome LoL I agree with Pree
Ahmad is looks to funny while riding that non-nuclear led missile and see the two fighter aircraft chasing him very funny
OMG freaky kid with creamy cone which is not a Nuke
Very nice , "hidden" great 3-D effect, and nice perspective curve on the stream ...
Thanks, Billy Mac. Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, PSM. Merci, Mme BOULPIX.
love the 3 d look.. congratulations...pcrdds.
Me likes a lot.Reminds me of Dr. Strangelove too Congrats on the silver, Paul.
Thanks, Newsy. He IS Dr. Strangelove. .

Funny Show at Broadway - New York tomorrow !?

Show at Broadway - New York tomorrow !?
. Member reactions:
"Contemporary ballet combines classical ballet with modern dance, and is often based on modern plays". You are absolutely right. It is not ballet. It is my understanding of MODERN dance, but for sure most of the Men not ballet experts.Just I try to laugh as usual. I like all pictures in contests and I try to learn from all of you.Best regards,W
Anything .... possible .. here for Votes and Elections Nice pose of Obama as a ballet dancer good to see Putin also supporting. and Romney is giving the tunes --> --> --> --> -->

Funny Gift to New York

Gift to New York
. Member reactions:

Funny Cliff Roth - A friend in New York

Cliff Roth - A friend in New York
. Member reactions:
Nice Stuff Rodney. Very Inspiring Works. all of them......this one is my favorite of the 3. You did a great job on your friends caricature..... .... I'm sure he likes it.
Marvelous job done, Nice caricature and the face is looking too good
Con-Gratz on your Woody Rodney.
What, you again ... Wooden Congrats as well wonderful work.
Wood for Rodney too, woo hoo.Congrats.

Funny Whitney Left The Taps On in New York

Whitney Left The Taps On in New York
"If I have told to her once I have told her a thousand times, TURN THE FREAKING TAPS OFF... it will kill her one day.... Member reactions:
Get set wet.. Come to the Northend and get dry yourself..
Nice to the smile on the Liberty, very well done with the water effect and nice composition

Funny Norma Jean in New York

Norma Jean in New York
Look of old Hollywood glamour is a modern favoriteRemembering Marilyn MonroeFull View PLEASE. Member reactions:
Marilyn hasn't looked this good for awhile , Beautifully done ,
my friend i not have words... is absolutely wonderful this your new job.... i like veeeeeeery much. congrats in advance
Like what you did the original source, dress looks pretty.
This is the fantastic Chop i have ever seen in this contest.. Very good work with lighting, texture on this pic... nice
She's still smokin' hot. Excellent entry.
sorry.. but face lightning id wrong (look at arms) and even fave colours do not macth the body
Thank you very much to everyone ... and lucianomorelli, don't be sorry, everyone is entitled to their opinion.
She is so beautiful on height getting high Like this hollywood pic and nice work.
Clever "Candle in the wind" reference sells this image for me. Beautificent work.
beautiffffffffful silver my friend... i love this your work... congratsssssssss for this silver
I thought this would win the gold for sure. It's really nicely done.
Many thanks to everyone for your comments and votes ... Greatly appreciated.

Funny New York Destroyed

New York Destroyed
. Member reactions:
This is so COOOOL....I would center the "Coming Soon" type . Greatest style ever.
Incredible...Great job..
a greattt movie poster... many complimets.... i like veeeery much this your work "hidden"
great gold funky... congrats for the win
Congrats Funkwood, the hits just keep on coming.
Thanks guys.This one started as just a poster, and when I realized I forgot to add Nostradamus I added the crystal ball with his reflection. It actually worked out better.
All your works are so . Double congrats and keep it up.
awesome work funkgold you keep doing rock works ..
Nostradamus in crystal ball catches the true prophesy spirit here - I luv it.One of his predictions came true for sure - Funk won gold in this contest.Congrats.
Awesome job funkwood. Congrats on the gold...

Funny The Robot New York Cop

The Robot New York Cop
. Member reactions:
One of my favorites in the contest. Very clean and clever work

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