Soccer Ball Egg Yolk
Soccer Ball Egg Yolk
Soccer Ball Egg Yolk. Member reactions:
Excellent thought great to see it as yolk

Funny Raining Egg Yolks

Raining Egg Yolks
Member reactions:
Lovely work, great idea and very well executed, yellow and black is the finest color combination
I didn't get it until I saw the title, and I still liked it. It's a striking, eye catching image. Regardless of what happens in the voting, you've made a clean, beautiful, attention grabbing image that stands out among all the rest and you should be proud of that no matter the results (but, I really hope you win as well.)
Great work, its really an out of the box thinking, you brought Egg yellow out... this Easter, really appreciable job done
first thing I've voted on in months (if that tells you what my vote is gonna be worth.) I hope to see this in the hall of fame or whatever it's called.

Funny Heart Shaped Egg Yolk

Heart Shaped Egg Yolk
I heart eggs
Member reactions:
, another one pushing the bounds of reason. I love it.

Funny Boy Watching Egg Yolk Come Alive

Boy Watching Egg Yolk Come Alive
Member reactions:
hahaha, that's funny. you're off a pixel on the left side
Agree with rw; there's a border on the left. The egg is a macro shot for sure, so it would be better - in my opinion - that you blur the background. The face would still be recognizable, and beholder's attention would center on your nice bad egg
thanks for the advise on bluring the boy's face. it worked out better

Funny Sperm Yolks on Toast

Sperm Yolks on Toast
Member reactions:
...that's funny Cool idea.
Okay. I have to admit John when I see this it always tickles me.

Funny Egg Yolk Earth

Egg Yolk Earth

Funny Doubling Egg Yolk in a Pan

Doubling Egg Yolk in a Pan

Funny Lead Egg Yolk

Lead Egg Yolk
Chain Recalls Eggs Over Lead Fears
Member reactions:
Cheers AZ, always good to get comments from yourself, and congrats on your gold

Funny PacMan Egg Yolk

PacMan Egg Yolk
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Member reactions:
Great work, but it would be perfect to add some yolk dots next to the packman.
This is genius. Sometimes a simple image is the most effective one. Good work.
my fav entry, but again I agree with Newsy about some dots. But still awesome
great entry...and great idea. I wouldn've never thought of something like this.
Congratulations on your first trophy, great work.

Funny Broken Astronaut Egg Yolk

Broken Astronaut Egg Yolk
A new twist on the human egg. I know; it has issues.
Member reactions:
My little digital takes good photos. Sometimes y' just can't find what y' want --- so y' make it. (Always fun.)

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