Yoda Speeda Bike
Yoda Speeda Bike
Yoda Speeda Bike . Member reactions:
Great Job, UC. I'm extremely critical when it comes to poor masking. You did a fine job here. and deserved a much higher score. Love C-3PO across the way.
C-3PO trying to flag down Yoda was my last idea for this waste of time. It was a masking challenge with all the cables and hardware but believe it's technically correct although best viewed big which should be done to correctly judge any entry. Agree it was underappreciated by all but one voter, thanks Splat, coming from a pro like yourself means alot to me.

Funny Livin' la Vida Yoda

Livin' la Vida Yoda
Member reactions:
Excellent Work, Fugit.Congrats on the Win.
Grats fugit, Nice to see a different take, excellent job too.

Funny Spock Yoda

Spock Yoda
Member reactions:
Combining Spock logic and Yoda backward talk could danger spell.
Excellent concept and execution grats on Top 5.

Funny Yoda Trump

Yoda Trump
Member reactions:
He does look like Yoda. Awesome job. Congrats on the Cup, Denlig.
Congrats on the Wood, Denlig. He looks like one of those Lizard Alien People to me.
The Lizard conspiracy of world Leaders peeps would love this well played
, he looks so cute here, Love the look on his face, good one.

Funny Yoda and Jabba In Wonderland

Yoda and Jabba In Wonderland
Member reactions:
Good job, but give more light to his face.
Congrats on top 5. My favorite in the contest.

Funny Yoda is the Terminator

Yoda is the Terminator
Member reactions:
. Joda is the Destroyer
Perfect blending. This would be fun to see.. Use the Force... Bang Bang Bang.
Hasta la vista, Baby. Lo hare. Muy Bueno, Hidden.
Congrats on the gold, tsav. A killer chop.

Funny Yoda in his Sherwin Williams Decorated Living Room

Yoda in his Sherwin Williams Decorated Living Room
New Star Wars paint colors print Ad Series.
Member reactions:
Wise choice of color that is. Yes, hmmm.

Funny Yoda in Avatar movie

Yoda in Avatar movie

Funny Virgin with Yoda

Virgin with Yoda

Funny Homeless Yoda and Darth Vader

Homeless Yoda and Darth Vader

Funny Yoda Animals

Yoda Animals
Yoda dog costumes are becoming popular these days, especially when pet owners are Star Wars fans. Some cats, however, don't need costumes to look like Yoda. Merge Yoda with any animal (except human) any way you wish.

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