Yoda in Avatar movie
Yoda in Avatar movie
Yoda in Avatar movie.

Funny Virgin with Yoda

Virgin with Yoda

Funny Homeless Yoda and Darth Vader

Homeless Yoda and Darth Vader

Funny C3PO and master Yoda

C3PO and master Yoda
Member reactions:
Congratulations. Better every entry-keep choppin'.
Congrats Tusav. Actually, per the Star Wars time line, C3PO and Yoda are ancient and not modern at all if you want to split hairs, Chris hahahaha. "In a Galaxy a long time ago and far, far away" and all that Still... a cute chop
A freaking masterpiece, very clever. Congrats on the gold, tusav.

Funny Jedi Master Yoda

Jedi Master Yoda
mmm....frog. Just like chicken they taste.
Member reactions:
Frogs, delicious they are for lunch.
Clean and impressive, Hidden. I would consider experimenting and adding a slight motion blur to the frog
Superfine work. Would have been a gold cup winner on a different day.
Thanks Sai, Newsy, Lu, Doc, Pree, Gumpster, PJ, and Geri. I agree Newsmaster, a hint of motion may have looked pretty good. Fun contest, Thanks, Everyone.
Thanks very much LunaC...that had crossed my mind. But I'm kewl with that, because competing against such skilled/gifted artist lends a great deal of value to the whole contest experience. Of course 1st place is best...but I'm sure you catch my drift.
Stellar job and congrats. In this contest 3rd is a definite win. 5th, is becoming all too familiar and unprofitable. I'm in it for the money Congrats again
Nicely balanced composition. Congrats on the bronze Splat.
Excellent work, Splat Congrats on the Bronze I looked at your chop several times and just now noticed the squirrel Lol love your attention to detail.
Thanks, Bob, Andrew, Hits, Funkwood, and QMS. Yeah QMS I think the curious squirrel will duck in and out on you sometime, afraid of being levitated for lunch I presume.

Funny Yoda the Creature from the Black Lagoon

Yoda the Creature from the Black Lagoon
Yoda's first movie role. (Colorized it too)
Member reactions:
Good chop, although it's a s-t-r-e-t-c-h to consider a B-Movie poster a vintage photograph.
Great colorization work, thought I would probably keep it in old sepia tones. Colorized makes it look more modern.
It was a vintage photograph. I added the words to make it a poster.

Funny Yoda In the Salvation Army Band

Yoda In the Salvation Army Band
Member reactions:
Congratulations HoHouse. You have a strong horn section but, need more Percussion.

Funny Yoda Protecting Little Boy with the Force

Yoda Protecting Little Boy with the Force
Member reactions:
Perfect concept and so the work done. Amazing and motivational
Excellent. A transparent Joda avoid lots of problems.

Funny Yoda the Astronaut

Yoda the Astronaut
Member reactions:
Classic. I really like how you did the badges too
Top 5 congrats. Really an excellent chop with great forethought.

Funny Yoda Protecting New York

Yoda Protecting New York
Member reactions:

Funny Yoda Animals

Yoda Animals
Yoda dog costumes are becoming popular these days, especially when pet owners are Star Wars fans. Some cats, however, don't need costumes to look like Yoda. Merge Yoda with any animal (except human) any way you wish.

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