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Funny Yoda Pictures

Dark YodaFunny Dark Yoda
Member reactions:
precious force
This is marvelous reincreation of a hobbit Hobbit becomes old now
You brought them together in a freakish creature, . Luv it.

Your majesty YodaFunny Your majesty Yoda
Member reactions:

Excellent work, but the masking on the top of Yoda's head is a tad rough

Yoda - Star Wars DiallerFunny Yoda - Star Wars Dialler
Member reactions:

Yoda ClausFunny Yoda Claus
Member reactions:

Try Full View...
Hobbit acts as a Santa these days... and remaining all Santas were electrified by his powers
Insta-classic for all Star Wars fans. Congrats on the bronze, silvercanine.

YODA RATZI: may the farce be with you!Funny YODA RATZI: may the farce be with you!
Member reactions:

Farce be with you....... Lavoro eccellente.
that's my fav pic in this contest,great job good luck
Absolutely Marvelous chop Full Marks 10+++++ Looks like a Devil of Lightning getting all the powers of the World towards him Fantastic really like your chop
Holy crap... this is fantastic what a freaky makeover to that cute creature
... "that cute creature", ah, ah, ah...
H-A-L-L-E-L-U-J-A-H .....
THANX TO ALL MY VOTERS: vicspa Twister SplatShot spitfire46 roonma rajeshstar preemiememe Possumpie otzie nonno NewsMaster maroon5 Malcolmxy macwithfries lucido5 lucianomorelli Kellie Ilovelayers icecream hobbit90 GrumpyOTJ groundzero geriatric FrogGod1 eugenia ericnorthend Disasterman111 dexter DDB cicsaix Burnsey blooddiamond blackhole artisteer andwhat aintme
Congratulations on your victory my friend.
Impressive photoshop art. Congrats on the win, Pix.

Yoda CountryFunny Yoda Country
Member reactions:

* excellent work...Congrats'...10 point(...) and go in my Fav...^v^
Wonderful work, great composition with the background and perfect color-level balance full marks
Excellent .... nice to see the star-war characters coming out wonderful effects using the laser beam sword which emits its own light all over the place well done with color and the image balanced to it great job done
Thanks all Tip : when layering lighter images over the top of others, such as the light saber....change the layer blend mode to lighten or screen.
Sweetly surreal . great stuff, Silver Congrats as well . . .

Barack Obama YodaFunny Barack Obama Yoda
Member reactions:

King Yoda DogFunny King Yoda Dog
Member reactions:

The ugliest dog
Very nice. For some reason it looks like the Yoda is floating above the cushion and the chair is floating above the ground.
Thank you Geri, Paul and hope I fixed the problem.
This is EXCELLENT however the chair legs need to be blended with the floor and pcrdds is right as the dog is slightly floating.
Yoda seems to have special powers hope I made him sit finally. Thanks Geri, Disasterman, DD, Balodiya, Rajestar.
Keepitreal everybody love gold, even Yoda does Thank you Newsy, Paul... I am glad you like it.
congratulations. developed fantastically news.
Congrats sunshin3. Good revision. Cute dog.
Stupendous. Marvelous. Congratulations Sunshine Girl.
Big thanks Boulpix, Newsy

Yoda World`s Ugliest DogFunny Yoda World`s Ugliest Dog
Member reactions:

Yoda the chihuahau crowned World's Ugliest Dog
Many thanks balodiya , rajeshstar , Prakashpilla, NewsMaster.

Yoda in GleeFunny Yoda in Glee
Member reactions:

Thanks. Kind of reminds me of ET when he was all dressed up.
Don't you laugh at my beautiful Yoda.
that's funny chop and cool blended Gigmonger ... keep up

Yoda AnimalsFunny Yoda Animals - Yoda dog costumes are becoming popular these days, especially when pet owners are Star Wars fans. Some cats, however, don't need costumes to look like Yoda. Merge Yoda with any animal (except human) any way you wish.

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