Santa Killing a Yeti in the Mountains with a Light Saber
Santa Killing a Yeti in the Mountains with a Light Saber
Santa Killing a Yeti in the Mountains with a Light Saber. When my holiday action figure of Bumbles the abominable snowman broke, I took some photos and this came to mind. Happy holidays.
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Thanks for the entertainment, Steve. Loved it. and congrats on the wood.

Funny Yeti Startles a Jockey and His Horse

Yeti Startles a Jockey and His Horse
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flipped it and the text is all backward now
That just might do it . It sure would stop me in my tracks. Nice chopping HH

Funny Yeti Snowbaording a Half Pipe

Yeti Snowbaording a Half Pipe
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He say goodbye everyone with smiling face

Funny Baby Yeti

Baby Yeti
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Looks like a picture of Corey Feldman. Cool idea.
This is Marvelous job excellent blended with good color mix

Funny Yeti on Mount Obama with Flash Mitt Romney

Yeti on Mount Obama with Flash Mitt Romney
now that rick santorum has bowed out for the race for the republican candidate, I guess that leaves mitt romney to do a victory lap
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Mount Santorum is really a nice idea to keep in the race good to see the ice and snow and the fire ball man is really doing a wonderful work
Pretty cool

Funny Yeti and the Ice Fisherman

Yeti and the Ice Fisherman

Funny Baby Yeti

Baby Yeti

Funny Looking For a Yeti

Looking For a Yeti
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I want my mommy, now THATS cold.
OL. My mommy always wanted me to be a doctor, although it is obvious i'd scare everyone away with a stare like that. I was thinking of making a chop yesterday ,where scientist discovered bigfoot in a huge icecube, but i put it aside. This must be a winner with such a charismatic subject though.
Great minds think alike Jere, you are standing next to a massive foot print so eveyone understands the wide eyes are not normal. National Geo editors did ask me to darken the trousers in front to hide the wet spot which we all presumed was coffee; probably "caffe a la hootchiecoochie" made from the rare lactating Arctic Hootchie milk. The satillite pic you sent was a mess so we retouched it the best we could and had to edit out the ... girl on the scooter. What is that all about. Is there a polar club up there with all those crazies that swim in ice water. NEXT TRANSMISSION: 0400
Lol. Why did you have to edit out the best part of the photo. (I mean the scootergirl, not the wet spot)
That must be 4:00 Pacific time. It's past 4:00 now Eastern time zone and no next transmission.... Hidden: You could have a second career as a comedy writer.
BEGIN TRANSMISSION: CALIF BASE ZULU 0400 HRS SOMEPLACE ON EARTH. -->Doxi Was not my decision, Doctor. Nat Geo editors in collusion with Vlad D. Bad at corporate level said nix the bouncy boobies in all features except habitation pictures of the Umhuhwhatchamacallit tribe. We are sad to report the Umwhatchamacallit Chief was given a blackberry last week by one of the stupid interns and has ordered 20 boxes of garments from Victoria Secret so we think that may be the end of the a la natural cavorting of the females of the tribe. However it may provide some interesting Kodak moments for our photographer on assignment there. We're praying for your safe return. Stay warm. END TRANSMISSION:
That look, . Jere is a freaking legend. I bet this is how he looks after all night chopping with smoking and drinking coffee.
I really do. Thanks for the laugh, Hitspinner. It's hanging on the toiletdoor and had already the first "toiletgiggle" from a guest. It's gonna be a hit i think.
A suitable place to enshrine it, Jere hahahahahahahaaa. It's all good fun

Funny Yeti in the Snow

Yeti in the Snow
Looking 4 he elusive Cheshire snow cat and anything else we can find.

Funny Yeti Annoyed at Snowboarders

Yeti Annoyed at Snowboarders
Raven Glacier near Girdwood, Alaska.

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