WEIRD AL YANKOVIC. Member reactions:
Dont stare the big eyes very nicely done..
Very expressive PixJockey, lovely to see you back.
Hey PJ. Long time. Great chop and a congrats on the wood.
Clever choice of sources, perfect blending. Nice to see you again, Pix.

Funny Weird Al Yankovic and Flaming Bike

Weird Al Yankovic and Flaming Bike
Member reactions:
I like the composition. The fire effects and the neighborhood you chose add nicely to it

Funny Nightmare Weird Al Yankovic

Nightmare Weird Al Yankovic

Funny Little Girl Looking at Weird Al Yankovic Through Window

Little Girl Looking at Weird Al Yankovic Through Window
Member reactions:
Very nice feeling to it. Glad to see you back, zorro.
You had a pretty good source to start with.
Well Kellie, I think I'm not the only one to use that kind of technical sometimes. source 1 . source 2

Funny Weird Al Yankovic in Back to the Future

Weird Al Yankovic in Back to the Future
Yankovin travels in his powerful aircraft, made by hand, over a city of the future. Please see Sources and full view.
Member reactions:
The aircraft work is impressive. Full view shows the composition nicely.
Since entering this site is the first time I'm happy to be on the podium. Of course not neglecting my previous podiums, but this contest had a special flavor. I just want to thank the comments and votes, and hope to have time to participate more often. Desde que entre a este sitio es la primera vez que me siento feliz por estar en el podio. Claro sin despreciar mis anteriores podios, pero este concurso tenia un sabor especial. Solo quiero agradecer los comentarios y votos, y espero tener tiempo para participar mas seguido.
Congrats TaitaViracocha, nice work I would look into removing color noise, graininess and pixelation. More here: Crappy Sources: Image Restoration
Just 'chillin' in my rocketship...nice job.

Funny Weird Al Yankovic on the Cross

Weird Al Yankovic on the Cross

Funny Weird Al Yankovic Pirate in Space

Weird Al Yankovic Pirate in Space
Member reactions:
Very artistic and clever composition. May I ask how you achieve this artistic effect. Do you use Topaz or something else, or just work with layers.
Berdulano and Weird Al get wood. Congrats, guys.
Congrats Berdulano, nice image. I really like the colors and choice of images
To NewsMaster:Hello Friend. As for background-clouds, sky, planets... I used advanced work with layers/blending modes,gradients.../.As for Pirate,music instruments, greenery ,small ship and water- I used Topaz plugins, especially in the combination settings Topaz Adjust and Simplify. Thank You.
that was amazing work I really thought it's for funkwood ... congrats on the woody and keep up top works

Funny Weird Al Yankovic with Bill Gates

Weird Al Yankovic with Bill Gates
Member reactions:
I missed this vote, though good 2c this take the Gold
Looks like a studio photo-right down to Bill's shoes; amazing as usual.
Totally fabulous. Weird Al is hilarious look as brunette wife, and I love how you did the kids. Like father, like son(s), .
Thanks all I think Al needs to do a musical spoof on "I'm a PC" Windows 7 ads, I have seen too many already.
The more I look at this picture, the more I love it... Especially hilarious as Al is a Mac user
that was great work teacher congrats on the gold and keep up top designs
Excellently funny. Weird Al does looks a bit like Katy Perry's husband though.

Funny Weird Al Yankovic with Accordion

Weird Al Yankovic with Accordion
Most Sources
Member reactions:
Excellent composition. Combining all the sources in a way that it the final composition looks so natural. Hats off.
Silver congrats, Kratos. Great to see you back.
kratosssss..congaatssssssss... great image i love it...
thanks for all friends glad all you like this simple work , it's was my second attempt Destroy the world in your birthday Al Yankovic

Funny Happy Birthday Weird Al Yankovic

Happy Birthday Weird Al Yankovic
Sources Please full views.
Member reactions:
Brilliant...Great work.. Fantastic...Beautiful..
that was amazing Amadeus keep up nice works

Funny Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al Yankovic
"Weird Al" Yankovic, the master of song parodies, is turning 50 this Friday. Since the release of his first parody song in 1979, Yankovic brought us hilarious parodies of the hit songs - "Fat", "Eat It", "Like a Surgeon", and wrote many original songs too. Weird Al sold over 12 million albums - more than any other comedy act in history. Yankovic's first top ten Billboard single ("White & Nerdy") was made nearly three decades into his career, so we think the best "Weird Al" song is yet to come! Happy Birthday, "Weird Al"! To mark the (upcoming) 50th birthday of "Weird Al" Yankovic, photoshop him any way you wish.

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