Yahoo like Google
Yahoo like Google
Yahoo like Google.

Funny Yahoo Joined with Google

Yahoo Joined with Google
Member reactions:
It's just a matter of time before it happens.

Funny Farewell Yahoo CEO

Farewell Yahoo CEO
Yang to Step Down as Yahoo. CEO

Funny Yahoo Internet Explorer 8

Yahoo Internet Explorer 8
Where do you want to Yahoo today..
Member reactions:
I love it. YahooSN Messenger is on the way, folks. Nice work.

Funny Mictosoft Yahoo Vista

Mictosoft Yahoo Vista
MicroMagaHoo - volume 2
Member reactions:
Congratulations on the silver and bronze, AJC.
Thank you, thank you. Really happy about it m'self. Congrats to Registered on the gold... and kudos to everyone who entered. THis one was fun.

Funny Microsoft Inseminating Yahoo

Microsoft Inseminating Yahoo
Member reactions:
Baby, I'm coming hoOoOOoooome. at this one. Great idea, nice follow through.
Thanks, I kind of snickered while making it too.
Love the composition. They are probably screaming Yahoo.

Funny Yahoo + Google + Microsoft

Yahoo + Google + Microsoft
A taste of things to come...

Funny Yahoo the Prostitute for Google

Yahoo the Prostitute for Google
In an effort to raise some cash, Yahoo has had to resort to prostituting itself. Yahoo is now Google's b*tch.
Member reactions:
Brilliant creative hilarious idea. Google literally owns Yahoo now
I agree with Newsy. This is great. Great idea & very well executed.
Brilliant idea. Nice out of the box thinking going on here. Google's got a strong pimphand.
hahahahaha, you deserve a good grade for the idea and image and the humor in the entry, good job

Funny Yahoo Under Construction Web Page

Yahoo Under Construction Web Page
Yahoo's Biggest Stock Fall
Member reactions:
great work. i like everything, but i think it would have looked better if the guy was standing on a ladder or something like that.
Yahoo changed its name to Yah00 "Yah double zero". Impressive work.
Great idea & very nicely done. Love the little Yahoo "Y" on Ben Franklin's head.
great job. this is excellent. looks cool with the guy standing on the O. very nice.
very nice entry, love to know how you made the dollar like that

Funny Yahoo Cruise Ticket For the Titanic

Yahoo Cruise Ticket For the Titanic
Lucky ticket.
Member reactions:
at least when the titanic is sinking, the investors won't be dwelling on there money loss
Don't you think the deck chairs would look better over here.

Funny Microsoft + Yahoo?

Microsoft + Yahoo?
Surprising news this Friday - Microsoft offered to buy Yahoo for $44.6 billion. The Microsoft's takeover of Yahoo is meant to put massive financial injections into the development of Yahoo search engine and advertising solutions, in order to shake Google's dominance in Google in search engine niche and advertising markets. Yahoo Inc. shares went up massive 60 percent while Google Inc. shares suffered a free-fall of 8 percent. Photoshop anything showing how the world would change if Microsoft and Yahoo merge. E.g. - how will their logos, products and services change?

Funny Yahoo

Let's show what happens to Yahoo if its shares contune to fall - photoshop Yahoo's logo, shares, webpage, or company.

Funny Google + Yahoo Logos

Google + Yahoo Logos
Design the new version of Google or Yahoo logos to "celebrate" the separation between the two search engines.

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