Yahoo Sign
Yahoo Sign
Yahoo Sign. Yahoo Street, located on the wrong side of the railroad tracks.
Member reactions:
Brilliance. Sign "Yahoo has moved to new address: Google's broke rivals Ave. Index: Y A H Double Zero Our news site's address is: We look forward to your visit
I really like this pic. Really conveys the desolate feelings all those stockholders must be feeling.
The Yahoo Street sign looks very realistic. Great job.
All the way down lonely street, to heartbreak yahoo.
i like this my souvenir of yahoo.

Funny My Space Yahoo Google

My Space Yahoo Google
Because MySpace '0wns' Yahoo & Google
Member reactions:
Brilliant Yahoo-Myspace-Google logo merge work

Funny Yahoo

Pretty Please with sugar on top view full.

Funny YaHoo

The desktop of your new Gateway PC. ( VIEW FULL PLEASE)
Member reactions:
hehe new pc comes with AVG installed and documents in the recycle bin Nice though, really simple but clever
Oh no, now I keep singing Ya Moooooo. Nice
Nice blending and composition. The fore-shadow on the "Y" clenched it. nicely done.

Funny Yahoo Personals

Yahoo Personals
The smartest way for a cow to pick up chicks.
Member reactions:
There are an awful lot of chickens in New York.
Xcellent. Specially the sign-in name
oh, SH*T - this took me by surprise. Brilliant idea

Funny Google Yahoo Memories Together

Google Yahoo Memories Together
Google remembers the good times
Member reactions:
The more I look at it... the more I like it. Good job.
not bad i didn't know websites got drunk.


Sometimes the "E's" can be tricky.
Member reactions:
Sorry I didn't know if that was acceptable or over the top... Couldn't get a good branded look like I wanted.
I like it. A good touch would have been to make the "expelled" letters lie flat on the ground. Nice work.
Thanks for the suggestion - I will look into that... never had any schooling so I will have to click around and find out what you are talking about... Thanks though and thanks for all the positive comments.
Reminds me of the dump that Google took on the stock market when everybody found out their advertising is a scam

Funny Google Yahoo Logo Duel

Google Yahoo Logo Duel
After taking 10 pages and turning, Yahoo gets off the first shot in the duel of the search engines.


Easiest Way To Fix A Boo-Boo. I know pretty cheezy sorry...
Member reactions:
I couldn't stop thinking about Bush's face when he had that bandaid from chocking on a peanut while watching the Super-Bowl 2 years ago. B-Dubya had a boo boo.

Funny Google Bans Yahoo

Google Bans Yahoo
New Improved Search Results.
Member reactions:
I would recomend working in a higher resolution and then scaling it down at the end. Looks kind of grainig and hard to see the letters clearly.
Did you view full. The image was the full size from my screen capture.

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