how bout a silly book for xmas
how bout a silly book for xmas
how bout a silly book for xmas. how about a book of British Smiles. This was inspired nfrom the Simpsons episode where Lisa needed braces. The contest did say silly ideas or dangerous ones.I hope you like it.
Member reactions:
thank you hobbit havent heard from you in a while. Have a merry christmas and happy new year.
Great Caricature Work. I especially like the Queen.
Thanks Splat yes they definitely need some dental work done.
Congrats on your win, hope you had a Merry Christmas and hope your New Year is Good, sorry for not voting, my Brother in-law pasted away this morning and a women we knew past away from cancer, not been a good day.
Thanks Gummy and thank you hobbit for the comments. So sorry to hear your news. Itís always a lot harder at this time of year.
Gold Congrats Robin. Fantastic job, I admire your unique caricature style and production.
Thanks UncleChamp yes caricature is I find one of the hardest things to do,I find. I mostly used the liquefy tool except for the teeth. I hope you guys liked the picture. It pushed me out of my comfort zone. I guess you just have to have patience when doing this type of art.
Thanks Byron and thanks to everyone who participated.

Funny XMAS, a Charming movie

XMAS, a Charming movie
Member reactions:
"Charming" hahahahahahahaha. Simple and super dark humor



Funny X for XMAS

X for XMAS

Funny The Xmas Chain Store Massacre

The Xmas Chain Store Massacre
Member reactions:
Santa with a skin mask. Good turn Hidden.

Funny A Jurassic Xmas

A Jurassic Xmas
An Adventure, Many Years In The making.

Funny Santa on the 1st Day of Xmas Drinking Beer

Santa on the 1st Day of Xmas Drinking Beer
I took a drunken Santa home with Me.
Member reactions:
This looks great House looks very beautiful
Santa is enjoying the 1st Day of Christmas with beer and alcohol good work on the house and shadows of both well done
Ho Ho Ho house..... Great job old friend. Congrats on the cup
Clean chop, HoHouse. Congrats on the woody.

Funny Matthew & Sarah Jessica Parker Xmas Portrait

Matthew & Sarah Jessica Parker Xmas Portrait
Member reactions:
They both looks so lovely as a beautiful pair

Funny Tiger Woods Xmas Card

Tiger Woods Xmas Card
Member reactions:
This is true, it is not a chop hahahahahahahahahah Funny stuff.
So true indeed. He proilly sent such card to his wife this Christmas. Good job

Funny Empty Box for Xmas Present

Empty Box for Xmas Present

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