WTF Plane
WTF Plane
WTF Plane. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - You are cleared to takeoff...
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neat concept, but judging by the light of the jet behind it, your shadows are off; the jet's shadow is cast more behind it; whereas gigantic prop plane's shadow seems to be cast slightly ahead of itself. Its also important to get shadow density right; as far as I can see you've got a consistently dense shadow cast whereas real shadows tend to be softer, and more of a gradient, ranging in tones depending on how far away the source is from the shadow displaying media (the ground).
Our third world business partners get rich growing balsa wood.
Jet Pilot "Hurry up" Big Bi-plane pilot "Shut up or I'll squash ya"

Funny WTF

Also comes in dark colors.

Funny WTF Digital Pop Art

WTF Digital Pop Art
I posted the above pic to flickr where a flickr member left a comment, 'Careful, Bob, sandbox Dentata. I thought WTF, does that mean what I think it means and it did. I subsequently posted it to the Flickrcentral group where everyone was craning their necks to see non existent teeth and the other.
Member reactions:
I assume the title means WikiLeaks Task Force
you assume wrong, it stands for 'when teeth fornicate'.
"HUH." At least I can recogize things in your work, lately; I think.

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