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Funny Writing Pictures

Hillary Clinton Is Writing A BookFunny Hillary Clinton Is Writing A Book
Member reactions:
Hillary Clinton is writing a new book
... Hilary is writing a new book and Bil is paying all her bills good chop and nice caricature done to both Nice use of source the Bikini Book
Excellent Hilton writer looks very nice
Silver Congrats, pcrdds Cigar nice touch
Congrats on the Silver, Bronze and Wood. Just for your info, I voted your Bronze one the highest.
great dentist and great artist, you made another tris of aces ... you are a true humorist, fun with continues to your sketches, bravo my friend and triple congrats for the triple win
Thanks, Bob. Thanks, Riccardo. Appreciate the nice comments, guys.
brilliant job dr....congrats on the triple master
Thanks, jeremix. Thanks, Dr. Silvercuspid.
In the words, of Simon & Garfunkel: "Still crazy after all these years..." Super chop, congrats on the silver, Paul.

Lyrics Re-WriteFunny Lyrics Re-Write
Member reactions:

Very Interesting concept Good thinking very well executed. half body and the pigeon placing is superb.
Out of Box thinking..... Awesome words editing to the Original Lyrics Freaky Bill granted to us ha ha ha
Thanks to one and all for the nice comments.

Ahmadinejad Writes A BookFunny Ahmadinejad Writes A Book
Member reactions:

Very funny to see Mahmoud in that dress and the skull and others were very funny with their shadows
A twofer, oh brother can I get a loan, Congrads Doc.
Thanks, everybody. I'm a loan shark, HH. .
Congratulations. He looks like the schoolyard Jerk that has to be bullied.
In my book, the most hilarious chop in the contest. Congrats on the wood too, Paul.
Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, Mme BOULPIX. Thanks, Newsy...appreciate it.

Wild West Cowboy Writing Wanted PosterFunny Wild West Cowboy Writing Wanted Poster
Member reactions:

Its clean and flawless, really a wild job done good job i like the little cute cat at the corner
Very clean work. Love the vintage angle you too here.
Excellent job my the fact you have to draw on the wanted poster. Great use of source.
Gmkishor, Newsy, Pcr, Disasterman, Carl, Geri, Pree thank you so much, I appreciate a lot your comments.
I bet this ( delicate ) guy wouldn't survive a day in the real wild west , congrats Sun
Yes Salis, I think you are right but thanks to photoshop anything is possible Thank you.
congrats for silver... very good job, deserve cup

Redrum Written in the MirrorFunny Redrum Written in the Mirror
Member reactions:

Freaking fantastic concept, and looks totally real.
Congrats on your first gold with us, mitsou.

Sarah Palin Writing on a RockFunny Sarah Palin Writing on a Rock
Member reactions:

Pulitzer Prize for Literature
Bestseller she wrote, so she got the prize

Writing by CandleLight PaintingFunny Writing by CandleLight Painting
Member reactions:

Please view the Source Source
"You have to be an artist and a madman, a creature of infinite melancholy, with a bubble of hot poison in your loins and a super-voluptuous flame aglow in your subtle spine (oh, how you have to cringe and hide.), in order to discern at once, by ineffable signs—the slightly feline outline of a cheekbone, the slenderness of a downy limb, and other indices which despair and shame and tears of tenderness forbid me to tabulate—the deadly little demon among the wholesome children; she stands unrecognized by them and unconscious herself of her fantastic power." Vladimir Nabokov
light of my life, fire of my loins, my sin, my soul... cool.
Nice work dola, but the source pics don't work, maybe next time upload the sources to your media folder and create a link from there. That's how I do it.
Thanks Funkwood.......from next time i will keep that in mind.

WritingFunny Writing
Member reactions:

This came out great. I think it would be even better if his left hand were visible.
thats how the painting looked originally

Writing in bookFunny Writing in book
Member reactions:

A good way to show off pretty feet.
Dear Diary.......... today was a tough day. I got a pedicure, and I bought a new pen.

Barack Obama Writing on Bathroom WallFunny Barack Obama Writing on Bathroom Wall
Member reactions:

very funny.. now what's that area code. we know who graffitied the restrooms
He looks giant, perspective needs work. Funny concept though.
He's way too big indeed, but the concept is geniusly hilarious.

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