Leo the Wrestler
Leo the Wrestler
Leo the Wrestler. Member reactions:
A lot of hamburgers from previous contest.
Сutie. Very interesting young man.Congrats.

Funny The Wrestler

The Wrestler

Funny Mona Lisa the Wrestler

Mona Lisa the Wrestler
Member reactions:
Excellent idea but blu

Funny Gymnast Body Slamming a Wrestler

Gymnast Body Slamming a Wrestler
Member reactions:
I like the blending too, but she looks bigger than man.
i think it looks fine...she's falling on top of them... the rest glad you liked my design
with the votes im not surprised...it is whst is....i know improving a lot

Funny Mr Bean the Wrestler

Mr Bean the Wrestler
Member reactions:
Lots of work here. Knowing how clever Rowan is he could probably do well in the ring. He has a nice body and hairy chest in real life,
Nice concept. Adding some shadows would help
Funny idea with some problem of proportions.

Funny Invisible Alligator Wrestler

Invisible Alligator Wrestler
Member reactions:
Great chopping, but the sources are quite blurry it seems

Funny Twisted Sumo Wrestler

Twisted Sumo Wrestler

Funny Rob Ford the Giant Sumo Wrestler

Rob Ford the Giant Sumo Wrestler
Member reactions:
Great. A few things I'd fix...the coins up by the shoulders are "disappearing," I'd stick the cig more into his mouth, and I'd make the shadows on his body relate to the underlying skin color.
thanks for the tips paul......its too late i'm afraid, i flattened my work so i cant go back in and change it. I am out of practice . Havent been doing any pics as of late.
It's still a great chop, hidden. Excellent caricature. Always be sure to save an un-flattened one.
thanks guys for all the comments. Its funny how much I've missed doing these chops.
OUT OF THIS WORLD. He is so funny character, have seen him high and talkative on the video.. Best self explanatory chop for him
Ahhhhh, this is awesome... Would definitely leave a mark in the Rob Ford contest we had
Welcome Back, and congratulations on the Silver Cup Robin. Great Picture...
Silver congrats, Robin, and welcome back.
Although I could write what the first one. Fantastic, excellent and very creative work. Congratulations on the second place and the silver cup cooking.

Funny Chris Christie as a Sumo Wrestler

Chris Christie as a Sumo Wrestler
Member reactions:
Funny chop and according to size this is not fair
Hilarious. But the image source is rather small and low-res

Funny Sumo Wrestlers

Sumo Wrestlers
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of Sumo wrestlers (image credit: Sophie) any way you wish. Some examples are - making the Sumo wrestlers perform some stunts, designing a poster with these Sumo wrestlers, using this Sumo wrestling image in movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

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