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Funny Sham Wow Guy Upside Down

Sham Wow Guy Upside Down
Call now, cause we can't do this all day...

Funny Say Wow!

Say Wow!

Funny Pow-Wow

Pow- With God. Is Bush recieving Devine Inspiration for invading countries. Read Here
Member reactions:
What's the milky white thing on his forehead.
Bleeding reminds me of "fifth element" movie
BINGO, we have the Obscure Movie Reference winner.... Fifth Element; Zorg, of Zorg industries. ZorG is bent on bringing distruction to the Earth, as disctruction creates industry, the kind of industry he is in. Distruction creates jobs, and happy little robots, and people that build the robots. So distruction via the dark lord is not such a bad thing.... Zorg confrences with Mr. Darkness (the dark lord of the universe) via a phone about his enevitable coming. In doing so black oose drips from his head, from benieth his plastic skull cap.

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