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Funny World Anti-Doping Agency announces new dogging scandal

World Anti-Doping Agency announces new dogging scandal
Member reactions:
Should also the dog give the medal back .

Funny Two upside down worlds

Two upside down worlds

Funny World New Deal

World New Deal


Member reactions:
I HOPE this chop doesn't reflect the future.
Congrats on the gold Hits.Love the background texture and colors.Always clean work as always.I knew this was a winner the minute I saw it.Fantastic
One heck of a good pic, scary, Love it, Congrats on the win.
Thank you Bob, Hobbit, Andwhat and OS Willie.

Funny Dangerous World

Dangerous World
Member reactions:
Another Great Job, Congrats on the Double.


I wonder if the parts of the world's politicians had been reversed 50 years ago .... it would be better. or worse ... perhaps humanity would already be extinct ... the games and jokes of destiny run through too many winding roads, perhaps in the "Twilight Zone" these things really happened ... who knows ... sorry for my bad english guys
Member reactions:
Beautiful work, viewed all sizes, has to be a top winner.
You have done a Fantastic Job on this and you are so welcome.
Fantastic colors and textures.Remarkable work hidden
ExtraOrdinary... A+++ Job my Friend. Love the Atmosphere and the Concept. This Rocks.
Congrats on the silver Ricky,I've missed your awesome work .Welcome back my friend.
Welcome back Ricky, you were great before, even better now. Excellent edge blending.
Top job Riccardo. Fabulous. Congrats on the Silver.
Silver congrats, Ricky. and welcome back, mate, we missed you.
RICKYTREK1, welcome back, congrats on your win, love your pic, it's beautiful work.
Congrats on the Silver, Ricky. Marvelously Executed. Welcome Back...

Funny Dead New World Order Idea

Dead New World Order Idea
The NWO is breaking
Member reactions:
The climate is changing, DD. Thanks for the comments and votes.
Excellent quality picture as usual, Hits.
dont know how this didnt get a cup Hits mate. brilliant clean work
Thanks John, Elegary, Andrew, DD, Luciano, Crafty and Hobbit.

Funny World Exploration Sponsord By...

World Exploration Sponsord By...
New World.... Here we come. Featured on top of the mast is the Seattle Seahawks football fan 12th man flag. View original if you have time, thanks.
Member reactions:
. This isn't an exaggeration of advert culture.
Congrats on the Bronze. Best of the bunch, in my opinion.
fantastic creativity .. Congratulations Deaddog
Congrads on the Bronze cup,Great contest, Great Chop
Congrats, Deaddog.Excellent concept and performance as usual.
Do you know why Elegary's second place work was removed from American Paintings contest. What's wrong.
Nope. Must not have been a painting

Funny Russian fans in France (Welcome to World Cup 2018 in Russia)

Russian fans in France (Welcome to World Cup 2018 in Russia)
Whitehall fears Russian football hooligans had Kremlin links Source picture
Member reactions:
UEFA EURO 2016 results: Russian ultras were good, Russian national team two losses and one draw and back home to be ready for Mundial 2018 in Russia.

Funny Underwater World

Underwater World
This Thursday would have been the 105th birthday of French undersea explorer Jacques Cousteau who co-invented the Aqua-Lung, a breathing device for scuba-diving in 1943. He also became famous through his books and films and whose hawk-like figure became a ubiquitous TV presence in the 1960s and 70s with the U.S.-sponsored television series "The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau." Former naval officer, Cousteau tried to show us the underwater world in all its beauty. One of Cousteau's friends later said about him: "Jacques was a rare French man who loved the sea as much as he loved women." To pay a tribute to Jacques Cousteau's invention of the Aqua-Lung, take any famous place (tourist attraction, city, landscape) and photoshop it underwater. Many thanks to TiredTom for the themepost.

Funny Soccer Mania - 2014 FIFA World Cup edition

Soccer Mania  - 2014 FIFA World Cup edition
Whether you're a true fan or just a soccer spectator, this summer's festival of footwork is sure to thrill fans across the globe as 32 teams compete for international stardom and soccer's highest honor -- the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Held once every four years, the World Cup is considered to be one of the globe's biggest and best sporting events. It started with the Opening Ceremony on June 12th, and will caps off on July 13 with the championship match. The football World Cup is already the biggest-ever betting event in Britain, bookmakers said Monday, with online gambling expected to help turnover hit more than one billion pounds. For the 2014 FIFA World Cup, create images of soccer ball(s) integrated into something (architecture, everyday items, haircuts, etc.), or give soccer theme to movies and paintings (e.g. add soccer balls and turn the (movie or paintings) characters into die-hard fans of their country teams). Alternatively, show soccer being played with some new objects (like in this example). Many thanks to lucianomorelly for the themepost.

Funny Paper World

Paper World
Paper was invented in ancient China and was awfully expensive to make. It was cheaper to write on cow skin sheets, clay tablets, or wood, rather than paper. A big book written on paper could cost a little fortune back then. Howadays, the tables turned and paper IS the cheapest and most widely used material. Unfortunately, most of produced paper is not recycled and is simply wasted. But what if we could reuse it in creative ways rather than wasting it? Show what things could be made out of paper (fully or partially).

Funny World Egg Day

World Egg Day
October 11, 2013 is World Egg Day. Established by the International Egg Commission in 1996, World Egg Day is celebrated around the world on the second Friday in October to raise awareness of the benefits of eggs. Eggs are a symbol of life and fertility, and provide all necessary nutrients for your body development. So, have some eggs, while you are chopping for this contest! To join the celebrations of World Egg Day, photoshop eggs any way you wish. Some examples are - use eggs in unusual ways, demonstrate how eggs can be used in design of other objects, show what unusual "things" can hatch from eggs, etc.

Funny World UFO Day

World UFO Day
World UFO Day is observed on July 2 - on this day UFO enthusiasts seek to put pressure on governments worldwide to release the accumulated UFO evidence to the public. The date of July 2 was chosen due to the world famous Roswell Incident, that happened on July 2, 1947 when Mac Brazel, a rancher in Roswell, New Mexico discovered a UFO wreckage on his ranch. The first reports referenced the wrecked metal object as Unidentified Flying Object. Authorities quickly removed the wreckage and retracted the reports, which led to the wide speculation of massive government cover-up of all UFO evidence. Create UFO evidence any way you wish. Some examples are: including UFO photos or placing Unidentified Flying Object in famous photos or paintings.

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