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World of illusionFunny World of illusion
Member reactions:

I like this, good collection of different objects
Thanks balodiya ,Eric and Lucianomorelli
I love the candy colors you have been using.

We Are The WorldFunny We Are The World
Member reactions:

The logo don't fit perfectly to the bottle. Nice idea.
Of course that's water, not choco-milk.
Euuuuuwwwwreeetch Sad but true. Nice clean chop

Taster of WorldsFunny Taster of Worlds
Member reactions:
This is a mind melting beauty.
Out of the box, floating body with lots of curves and HD quality of shadows/lights its awesome
Excellent Nicely done..Very well executed..
Congrats on the gold, opcrom. If aliens ever visit our planet again, they promise to abduct you first.

End Of World AppFunny End Of World App
Member reactions:

And another flawless chop from the master of flawlessness.

Welcome to my WorldFunny Welcome to my World
Member reactions:

Funny world and every people enjoy the day...
Its a Populous world.... anything freaky can happen here

8th Wonder of the WorldFunny 8th Wonder of the World
Member reactions:

somebody must have had the blueprints upside down... source
That has be at least 2 times harder than building pyramids the regular way
that needs growing man power as the work extends , hysterical chop
Its a real wonder..... how did they construct it
Me likey - would make a good tourism poster with a tagline - Headspinning Egypt. Visit today.

Dirtiest Man In The WorldFunny Dirtiest Man In The World
Member reactions:

The dirtiest man in the world claims he hasn't bathed in 60 years. He does look familiar, though.
He is looking very Danger and Nice Face cream Cream
Dat man iz not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get dirty so to say and something tells me he is a member of FN too
Too nuch time spent on chopping, no time for a shower
.... The dirtiest man got famous... ha ha crazy news and the chop is clean and clear good one and thanks for sharing this news
Just realized that's me. Lol. Time for a shower.

3 women who ruled the worldFunny 3 women who ruled the world
Member reactions:

Lady Blair, madame Sarkozy and גברת Netanyahu
You've got Blair's head sticking through the woman's hair, hidden. Otherwise, it's hysterical.
pcrdds, That's good catch, I didn't even notice it, Kinda thought it was a head band
great blend.... and matching expressions of their faces
I would adjust Sarkozy's face tone (the cheek part is matched perfectly though). Great chop otherwise.
Congrats luciano,great blend,perfect colors.

Disney World 2013Funny Disney World 2013
Member reactions:

I know the couple behind they are Putin and Hilary

Paper Machines Harvesting A Paper WorldFunny Paper Machines Harvesting A Paper World
Member reactions:

The tree is very important for our health so save the tree

Paper WorldFunny Paper World - Paper was invented in ancient China and was awfully expensive to make. It was cheaper to write on cow skin sheets, clay tablets, or wood, rather than paper. A big book written on paper could cost a little fortune back then. Howadays, the tables turned and paper IS the cheapest and most widely used material. Unfortunately, most of produced paper is not recycled and is simply wasted. But what if we could reuse it in creative ways rather than wasting it? Show what things could be made out of paper (fully or partially).

World Egg DayFunny World Egg Day - October 11, 2013 is World Egg Day. Established by the International Egg Commission in 1996, World Egg Day is celebrated around the world on the second Friday in October to raise awareness of the benefits of eggs. Eggs are a symbol of life and fertility, and provide all necessary nutrients for your body development. So, have some eggs, while you are chopping for this contest! To join the celebrations of World Egg Day, photoshop eggs any way you wish. Some examples are - use eggs in unusual ways, demonstrate how eggs can be used in design of other objects, show what unusual "things" can hatch from eggs, etc.

World UFO DayFunny World UFO Day - World UFO Day is observed on July 2 - on this day UFO enthusiasts seek to put pressure on governments worldwide to release the accumulated UFO evidence to the public. The date of July 2 was chosen due to the world famous Roswell Incident, that happened on July 2, 1947 when Mac Brazel, a rancher in Roswell, New Mexico discovered a UFO wreckage on his ranch. The first reports referenced the wrecked metal object as Unidentified Flying Object. Authorities quickly removed the wreckage and retracted the reports, which led to the wide speculation of massive government cover-up of all UFO evidence. Create UFO evidence any way you wish. Some examples are: including UFO photos or placing Unidentified Flying Object in famous photos or paintings.

Where in the world is Edward Snowden?Funny Where in the world is Edward Snowden? - Russian authorities confirm that US whistleblower Edward Snowden is still in the transit area at Moscow airport, negotiating with Equador and several other countries that may give him a political asylum. Answering to the White House demands to deport Snowden to the US, Russia's President Putin said "Mr. Snowden did not enter the Russian territory and stays in the transit area, so he remains a free man outside Russia's jurisdiction. He's free to choose his next destination and go." Meanwhile, many bookmaking agencies around the world started accepting bets on which country Snowden will end up with. Note that the US is on the list too :) Choose a country where Edward Snowden might (or might not) get a political asylum, and show him assimilating into national clothes/traditions/professions of his new motherland.

Underwater WorldFunny Underwater World - This Tuesday would have been the 101st birthday of French undersea explorer Jacques Cousteau who co-invented the Aqua-Lung, a breathing device for scuba-diving in 1943. He also became famous through his books and films and whose hawk-like figure became a ubiquitous TV presence in the 1960s and 70s with the U.S.-sponsored television series "The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau." Former naval officer, Cousteau tried to show us the underwater world in all its beauty. One of Cousteau's friends later said about him: "Jacques was a rare French man who loved the sea as much as he loved women." To pay a tribute to Jacques Cousteau's invention of the Aqua-Lung, take any famous place (tourist attraction, city, landscape) and photoshop it underwater. Here's a good example by TiredTom.

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