Wooly Lion Caterpillar Hybrid
Wooly Lion Caterpillar Hybrid
Wooly Lion Caterpillar Hybrid. Member reactions:
Add me to the fan list. This should have scored higher

Funny St Bernard Wooly Mammoth Dog

St Bernard Wooly Mammoth Dog
Member reactions:
Excellent love the St Bernard x Woolly Mammoth idea.
Great cloudy atmosphere and the tusks were too cute like a giant mammoth
i have to be honest with you, when i saw yours i said "s&^%. well, there goes my gold today" the fact that yours is in third is a little crazy. it's so well put together. people probably don't appreciate smoke enough. it's such a pain in the.... i saw yours and tried to add smoke to mine. couldn't do it. maybe you could put something on the forums about how to make that effect. i'd certainly read it.

Funny A Ride on a Woolly Mammoth

A Ride on a Woolly Mammoth
Member reactions:
Awesome69, Azure, Debbly, Geriatric, Laredog thank you so much
Marvelous situation, The Beauty and the Beast Excellent situational scene created on the Moonlight Like this well
Rajesh, Diamonds, Pcr, Dman, Eric many thanks and I added a bit more shadow.
Thank you Balodiya, Musicalnote, Hobbit .
Work of art here. Congrats on the gold, Sun.
Thank you so much Hobbit, Pcr, Ivan, Geriatric, DD, Musicalnote, Newsy ...sorry for late reply.

Funny Woolly Mammoth Having a Hot Tub Warm Up

Woolly Mammoth Having a Hot Tub Warm Up
A nice and warm Hot Tub After 10,000 Years
Member reactions:
Well placed on a bath tub great sky behind its perfectly fitted the theme
Seems the little creature enjoying out there
Thanks everyone almost didn't finish it but gave it the old fashion FN Try

Funny Woolly Mammoth Beer

Woolly Mammoth Beer
"You can handle it."
Member reactions:
Good job in putting some tusks to the bottle. Well done i am feeling horny need to try this this eve......
Slick job Wiz. Should have finished higher in my humble opinion.

Funny Barack Obama the Woolly Mammoth

Barack Obama the Woolly Mammoth
Member reactions:
YEE-HAAA. Doing the Oval Office two-step. Dance Wooly. Dance. Funny expression.
ha ha ha i am out of my mind looking this very funny Looking great with funny boots and Woolly Hair on him sorry tie also
So funny Obama Love it
Very Interesting job done here Very funny expression
Thanks everyone for supporting my Woollyless elephant.
Hysterical. Love the hair and shoes. Congrats on the wood, DD.

Funny Wooly Mammoth in Lock Ness

Wooly Mammoth in Lock Ness
Member reactions:
This is a great perspective and good elements, except I wish the camera was an old one and the entire piece was in black and white. Good work on the elephant and matching it in the viewfinder.
Thanks for your tips ,i just change the camera to an older camera but i think the image much better in color version than black and white..
I liked the mood to this, very realistic.

Funny Sarah Palin The Wooly Mammoth

Sarah Palin The Wooly Mammoth
Member reactions:
What can I say. Another entertaining visual step into the Rainman Zone.

Funny Woolly Mammoth

Woolly Mammoth
future chopper.
Member reactions:
Gr8 work with the hair & presentation all over.
Nice work on the fur coat. I agree with kellie.

Funny Wooly Mammoths from the Ice

Wooly Mammoths from the Ice
A billboard I'd like to see.
Member reactions:
Creative advert. Mammoth fits right for this job.
good picture good statement ,umm yes lets question

Funny Woolly Mammoth

Woolly Mammoth
Last week, a new video surfaced claiming to show a live woolly mammoth an animal scientists think has been extinct for at least four millennia crossing a river in Russia. The suspiciously blurry footage was allegedly "caught by a government-employed engineer last summer in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug region of Siberia," according to a story in The Sun newspaper. The video became an Internet sensation, making headlines around the world. Some Bigfoot believers and Loch Ness Monster lovers murmured their tentative approval, hoping it proved that large unknown (or assumed extinct) animals still exist in Earth's remote wilds. Too bad the video turned out to be a hoax. In this contest you are asked to bring mammoths back to life with the power of Photoshop. Show what life would be like if mammoths ruled the earth these days - use them in modern movies, advertisements, magazine covers, or any photo scenes. P.S. Rumor has it that Republicans are behind the whole thing as they need a mammoth to replace an elephant who decided to retire from being the GOP symbol. Democrats replied that they will bring back the prehistoric ass (not Jimmy Carter though).

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