Red Wool
Red Wool
Red Wool. Member reactions:
made me laugh out loud. love the sheep logo.

Funny Putting The Wool Over Our Eyes

Putting The Wool Over Our Eyes

Funny Holy Wool Hollywood Sign

Holy Wool Hollywood Sign
Member reactions:
Ha, very good. My son (an I must admit: me too) loves Shawn the sheep. The sign looks great, nice play with words. Missing a shadow of the "Y" on the ground...
But it's not the themepost... or is the sign part of it and went into your work.
Thanks Tom. Ewe are right, Fixed shadow best I could in two shakes of a lambs tail. As for the theme, well i did throw the D in the bushes, but not to RAM the point home, I did use only the letters in the sign, any way enough Bleating. Thanks again.
love it too..Shawn the Sheep get a laugh out of me of a morning..well done mate..
LoL. Nice to see hidden author isn't sheepish about having a bit of fun, in both the chop and comments...
HeHe. Black Sheep of the Family, I Am.
Congrats on the bronze crusader, great concept.

Funny Winding the wool

Winding the wool
It is so hard to get good help when you have to wind the wool.
Member reactions:
thank you ericnorthend your smile is appreciated

Funny Cat on a Ball of Wool

Cat on a Ball of Wool

Funny Barack Obama Pulling Wool Over Your Eyes

Barack Obama Pulling Wool Over Your Eyes
These are only some of the wool pullers in our goverment.Please don't let them pull the wool over your eyes.

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