First Wood Frames
First Wood Frames
First Wood Frames.

Funny James Woods

James Woods

Funny Lincoln Memorial Wood

Lincoln Memorial Wood
Member reactions:
Lots of excellent work. I appreciate it. Now that the contest is over, I'll comment. Overlay set to 6 with dark brown accent scrubbed over this would have made this wood snap. Some light yellow-gold highlight would have also made it cup material. Play with those controls, you'll see what I mean
Great Work, Bardy. I Second what both DeadDog and Hitspinner said.

Funny Monkey Into The Woods

Monkey Into The Woods

Funny Creepy Clown in the Woods

Creepy Clown in the Woods
Member reactions:
Okay...I will stay out of the woods. At least until Halloween is over. Like Joan said, Spooky Kewl.

Funny Fat Tiger Woods

Fat Tiger Woods
Member reactions:
I was going to do Tiger as well. Couldn find suitable source. Seems you got luckier. Good job
Lots of work and it does shows an athlete performing. Should have gotten a cup
Thanks, everyone. Yes, Newsy...lots of work.

Funny Fat Tiger Woods Playing Golf with Obama

Fat Tiger Woods Playing Golf with Obama
Member reactions:
The expressions on the three main people are very funny. Good one.

Funny John Travolta Kissing a Bear in the Woods

John Travolta Kissing a Bear in the Woods

Funny Elijah Wood Caricature

Elijah Wood Caricature
Member reactions:
Caricature and Composition. Well Done, Hidden.
Those blue eyes are very beautiful and face full of innocence
Congratulations. You have been hitting the target a lot lately.
Piece of art, tusav. Congrats on the silver.

Funny Tiger Woods Cholafied

Tiger Woods Cholafied
Member reactions:
Cool, but the lip liner needs to be more believable

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