Wooden Drone Airplane
Wooden Drone Airplane
Wooden Drone Airplane. Member reactions:
Excellent out of box work lovely to see you make the drone with the pipe material good job done
Superb. Very well design the chop Excellent technique. Best of luck
This is brilliant and very very creative... Awesome, wonderful plane
The maiden flight of the 'Pipe Drone' has proven to be a resounding success. Congratulations.
Congrats on the double Paul. It's nice to see this type of creativity from you, as apposed to political satire chops...I wouldn't of guessed these were yours. I gave them high marks...lets see more of these, k.
Thanks, crusader. Thanks, Mr. F...I'll see what I can do. Thanks, Dame Christine.
Breathtaking work with the source. You're a pipe-master. Congrats on the gold.

Funny Looking Through Wooden Binoculars

Looking Through Wooden Binoculars
Member reactions:
Its an extension to the pipe and the freaky eyelids were peeping out to see the innovation good job done

Funny Wooden People Drinking in a Pipe Tavern

Wooden People Drinking in a Pipe Tavern

Funny Old Wooden Tractor

Old Wooden Tractor
Member reactions:
Great work Like the tractor made of completely pipe material and Transformers of Pipe is really awesome
Amazing tractor very well done hidden........
I wanna go for a long-long drive then..
This tractor will only be driven by Paul The Pipe Master. Congrats on the silver too.

Funny Wooden Pipe Birds with Cigarette Wings

Wooden Pipe Birds with Cigarette Wings
Hey, has anybody ever said "Vote for Me" in the creators comments. Am I allowed to say that. Is that poor taste. I can't think of anything else, so, that's what I'm saying this time - Vote for me.
Member reactions:
This bird is obviously and endangered species...nice work
I voted you the best Awesome job done like the nicotine twigs attached to your pipe bird lovely job and wonderful creation ever seen
Creative concept nice idea Wings idea is superb.
Attractive bird, Flying high with smoke power
Weird (but cool) creatures. Congrats on the Bronze.
Awesome in full view. Pipe birds they are. Love how you did the cigarette wings

Funny Wild Wooden Horse

Wild Wooden Horse
Horse is all pipes.
Member reactions:
excellent creation of Horse with the pipes Lovely back and amazing front Like the innovation used in the Horse
Excellent use of the pipe as the back of the horse very well done hidden.
Luv this pipe horse. Congrats on the wood, DD.

Funny Scary Wooden Face

Scary Wooden Face
what you aren't scared.
Member reactions:
This should have scored a lOT higher. Guess they don't know how to vote here, too (ha).

Funny Wooden Bruce Willis

Wooden Bruce Willis
Member reactions:
i am absolutely amazed at how you do this
Very cool nice to see something different well done. It wins at least the wood for me
Excellent makeover like this chop especially the eyes all wooden really great work ...
Creative Concept and very well executed Well done hidden
Comments like all that above are the best fuel to any choper. Thank you. Qtrmoonshop --> that's was my intent (bring something not so usual to this contest). Thank you by the cheering robinbobin --> after finished the votes I'll send you a tutorial in your personal e-mail from FN
Most excellent. Please put me on that tutorial list too..

Funny Abraham Lincoln on a Wooden Horse

Abraham Lincoln on a Wooden Horse
AN TRIBUTE AT THE GREAT PRESIDENT LINCOLN.... link for my source images: http://img855.imageshack.us/img855/1905/90564630.jpg
Member reactions:
Nice work but, the title eludes me. High marks.
A Magic Created using the source images love this chop ... specially the placement of Lincoln on the horse is really amazing
Simple great, a perfect photoshop entry here, good luck hidden
Awesome work....Congrats on winning the Silver. I love this one....bravo...
Another Great effects,simply perfect.Silver congrats Riccardo.
Congrats. "Abe Goes to War" is what I think your title should have read. (.)
giddyupppp RICKYTREK1 nice work... congratss..
Silver congrats as well ... Great looking chop.

Funny Wooden Harley

Wooden Harley
Member reactions:
Harley with Ferrari wheels. That is blasphemes.
Great job done.. Excellent work seen while crafting this vehicle, looks so real with wonderful work on wheels

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