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Funny Wonderland Pictures

Debbie Downer in WonderlandFunny Debbie Downer in Wonderland
Member reactions:
Mordern: Debbie Downer and the Dudes
You've got some cool techniques. I wish I knew who the people were.
Great conceptional imaginary, Looks funny ...

Helena Bonham Carter in Wonderland CaricatureFunny Helena Bonham Carter in Wonderland Caricature
Member reactions:

Full View PLEASE
I am so thanks for nice comments made by you for me. sorry the English.
and most excellent again. Lotsa fun in this one.
Many thanks Chili, BOULPIX, rajeshstar, RICKYTREK1, deaddog & oldman . . . much appreciated

Muppets in WonderlandFunny Muppets in Wonderland
Member reactions:

Really cool concept, I never get tired of this source being manipulated. I just wish the source for Elmo were a little better/higher res. And his eyes are a little unrefined. Good job.

Little Girl in Wonderland with a TeddyFunny Little Girl in Wonderland with a Teddy
Member reactions:

Very nice . . . everything blends together quite well . . . love the colorfulness
Nice one BlackXxX and NO spelling errors. (just kidding about the spelling...)

American Gothic in WonderlandFunny American Gothic in Wonderland
Member reactions:

great composition... very good...

Man in Surreal WonderlandFunny Man in Surreal Wonderland
Member reactions:

Star Wars Chewbacca in WonderlandFunny Star Wars Chewbacca in Wonderland
Member reactions:

Love it, colors everything comes 2gether perfectly.
. Another real gem in the contest. The blending and coloring of the hair deserves admiration here.
a bis cup you are a great salis
Nice work... For the one who voted you a 3, there should be a "Punch in the Face" button.
thanx guys Gigmonger that would be cool button to have, and may be a ( kick in the groin ) one too
Hahahahaha... Yes. Maybe a button for a few choice body parts. Each person only gets to click one of the buttons for any particular user. Anyone who gets all body parts assaulted is banned.

Lady Gaga Adventures in WonderlandFunny Lady Gaga Adventures in Wonderland
Member reactions:

Quality book cover work, but why is the image not bigger.

Alice In Wonderland After MidnightFunny Alice In Wonderland After Midnight
Member reactions:

Abraham Lincoln in WonderlandFunny Abraham Lincoln in Wonderland
Member reactions:

Gotta be the best chop of Lincoln I've seen in a long while. He's just so freaky and yet natural with this red hair and makeup.
Very nice. Kinda Creepy. I love it. "Towering genius disdains a beaten path. It seeks regions hitherto unexplored." - Abe
Congratulations on winning silver Ivan.

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