Darth Maul in Alice in Wonderland movie
Darth Maul in Alice in Wonderland movie
Darth Maul in Alice in Wonderland movie. Member reactions:
Good choice of characters for blending - it worked well to create a monster

Funny Woman with Babies in a Winter Wonderland

Woman with Babies in a Winter Wonderland

Funny Dinosaur in Wonderland

Dinosaur in Wonderland
Member reactions:
You totally turned the beauty into the beast, hahaha.

Funny Katy Perry in Wonderland

Katy Perry in Wonderland

Funny Alice Fishing in Wonderland

Alice Fishing in Wonderland
Alice, she's a wild child. Sorta, kinda like... Alice in Wonderland. Only this Alice, as you may be able to tell can get quite reckless with her blade. I was just short of having this entry ready for the Kidult Contest. So here we are in the, Freak Show Bay...bee. Toddler's Source Image plus 1 or 2 more.
Member reactions:
Did you increase the brightness/contrast of the chop, or am I seeing things. Last time I saw it from a cell phone it looked darker. This (edited.) version is a real eye candy.
Thanks NewsMaster. Great eye. I increased the flare from top right toward left bottom by 20%. A small thing but lends a little more life to the pic.
First of all I thank hidden for such a entertaining and full of fiction work...quality in every pixel extreme idea of Freaking Alice with Sharp sward kinda tool for her fishing.. on the edges of the chop some thrilling feeling by Fish flesh and cats pip out of light is Awesome, Alice herself is some how wounded by some of her actions like stitch on leg, spring neck head, Huck bone hand... even though she is very kind and soft hearten girl carrying puss and Rose and flower on her hair So what I see here is An Awesome Entry Good Luck hidden
Magnific effects hidden . Is it my impression or white squares are steps .
Thanks Gummy Thanks Lu. Great eye. Yes it does give an impression of steps, but these are checkerboard tile. I showed them in the source image link above. I thought I had made a mistake when I tiled the texture for use, but looked closer to find that 3 of the tile were improperly staggered by the craftsman giving it that step effect look when you lay it down. I did consider changing the checkerboard image, but ultimately decided I really liked the tile and the look.
Thanks for your wonderful comment Eric. You absolutely nailed the gist of this choppery.....
Thanks Paul, Geri and Elegary. Appreciate the fave ELE. Thanks everyone. For the fun and all fantastic comments.

Funny Audrey Hepburn in Alice in Wonderland

Audrey Hepburn in Alice in Wonderland
Member reactions:
Decent work. The contract on her face needs to be bumped up a bit

Funny Easter Bunny in Wonderland

Easter Bunny in Wonderland
Member reactions:
This is excellent . Love colours and gothic atmosphere.

Funny Marge Simpson in Wonderland

Marge Simpson in Wonderland
Member reactions:
Clean chop, cleaves tells the chopping story
Excellent merge of the Red Queen of hearts with Simpsons face

Funny Wolfman in Wonderland

Wolfman in Wonderland
In Wonderland
Member reactions:
Awesome turn of him into a scary wolf man eating meat good job done

Funny Johnny Depp in Wonderland at 50

Johnny Depp in Wonderland at 50
Tarrant Hightopp let's go Futterwacken with my New Hat for your Birthday. Large View
Member reactions:
Very well done... lovely cake for the lovely actor Happy Birthday
Nice and very peaceful work, she looks good and he looks happy. Its nice
Thanks so much for recognizing the positive qualities I tried to convey.
Rajestar, Thank you so much for liking my cake.

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