Woman Wondering What's Behind the Door
Woman Wondering What's Behind the Door
Woman Wondering What's Behind the Door. What's Behind the Door I Wonder
Member reactions:
Sorry but....I simply can not look passed this watermark... thamks.
Well, I'm just sick of people stealing my works, so I've had to put watermarks on them. http://fav.me/d5vgpq7 http://fav.me/d4e725q
hidden, Sorry if this sounds harsh but, If you think your work is so great that people will want to "Steal it" then perhaps it would be best left in your gallery for sale than here in a contest.

Funny John Kerry as Wonder Woman

John Kerry as Wonder Woman

Funny Stevie Wonder Finger Portrait

Stevie Wonder Finger Portrait
Member reactions:
Excellent work done on the solo finger :0 good chop don
Creative, and one of my favorite fingers in the contest. Congrats on the wood, too, Paul.

Funny Whoopi Goldberg as Wonder Woman Catches Barack Obama

Whoopi Goldberg as Wonder Woman Catches Barack Obama
Member reactions:
With a mouth as big as her hips; nice work.
Nice Work Whoppi you have your lasso around the true criminal in the act. Oh Yeah..Very Comical Cop Hidden *~~*
Very funny great to see the FN Logo on the wall, well merged looks real and Obama and his neck thread its really awesome good work on shadows also
What took you so long. I have been waiting for a chuckle. Funny as usual.
Thanks, G-Man. What took you so long to figure out it was mine.

Funny Steven Tyler as Wonder Woman

Steven Tyler as Wonder Woman
Member reactions:
Face, hands were done good, Nice looks funny
Just wondering, why does the outline of a vest show up on his chest. I would interested to know if this was intentional.

Funny Kate Middleton as Wonder Woman

Kate Middleton as Wonder Woman
Member reactions:
. She looks stunning. I wonder what she would look like with a customized British version of that costume.
What an art, she is the perfect Super Girl. Awesome work. Good luck.
and it's a wonder chop too. Looks pro. by the way me thinks she's very fitting for wonderwoman, now that I've seen this chop.
thanks everyone for all comments and votes
great work Ivan, love the vivid colors, Congrats.

Funny Wonder Nerds Activate

Wonder Nerds Activate
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Funny Little Girl Riding a Rabbit in Wonder World

Little Girl Riding a Rabbit in Wonder World
Every Kid have a Dream Check it full Size for Details View Sources hope you will like it ..
Member reactions:
Mystical adventures in the land of Dreams. Looks like a book cover.
Thank you all guys .. glad you all like it
Excellent work, I'm just not too crazy about the hearts on threads - they are attached the kid's back, or they are just floating.
Lovely work, the little girl is so sweet.
thank you guys again .. yeah it's kinda attached with the girl from back , it's how the source was of wings
Congratulations of Silver to you Kratos . . . beautiful work . . . I thought at first it might be Sunshine3, a compliment of which I'm sure you're aware . . . now that it's been revealed, it of course makes perfect sense
Congrats on the silver Kratos, and Qtrmoonshop I have to say for me is a big compliment that you thought I could be the author but is obvious Kratos is more skillful and have more experience than me...I admit Kratos and Salis and many others from FN were and are a big inspiration for me and this thing helped me to form my style. Once again silver congrats, Kratos for the beautiful work.
thank you alot guys , hey taita bro . you should wear sunglasses to see the silver cup hahah , it's all same i guess .glad all you like my work i just made that one as commission for someone (girl's mother )

Funny Michelle Bachmann Wonder Woman

Michelle Bachmann Wonder Woman
Michele Bachmann aiming to become Republican presidential candidate
Member reactions:
Yuk. She's too old for the costume. Nice work though.

Funny Megan Fox Wonder Woman Doll

Megan Fox Wonder Woman Doll
"Now that's a real Wonder Woman."

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