Netanyahu Wins The Election
Netanyahu Wins The Election
Netanyahu Wins The Election. Netanyahu wins the Israeli election by a landslide Obama is NOT happy about this.
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Of course Obama's not happy. His opposing campaign donations were a waste of good U.S. tax payer moneys. And too... IMO Netanyahu appears to be a man of good moral character. Obama can't stand that trait in a person. Kewl Choppage, hidden.
I have nothing against Israel, but could we trade dear leaders with them.
Hah. Very good. I did something along the same line, recently. What BS. I wonder what O's game is.
Cool beans

Funny Wes Anderson and Graham Moore win Award

Wes Anderson and Graham Moore win Award
Graham Moore (Left) and Wes Anderson (Right) win the Writers Guild Award for Best screen play. Characters Aadrien Brody and William Dafoe peer in. The Grand Budapest Hotel Wins Screenwriting Award
Member reactions:
Quality work, and I love how you did the peers
Really Cool Work. IMO... This shoulda finished much higher.
Yep. It has a frosty mist going on. Pretty cool. Try one like this again. Sometimes it takes a style a few attempts to get past the fixed ideas

Funny When you don't win

When you don't win

Funny 2015 Winning Hand

2015 Winning Hand
Member reactions:
Very clever indeed, though the banknotes seem quite tinyt compared to the hand
Yes, I agree with Newsy about the size of the money.
I too agree with Newsy and Doc, so I made some corrections.
Maybe the notes are small because the $ amount of winnings is lame. Brilliant idea.

Funny Goat winning a race

Goat winning a race
The new giant goat breeds can out run racehorses.
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Funny Kenyan Wins Athens Marathon

Kenyan Wins Athens Marathon
Kenyan breaks course record at Athens Marathon

Funny Jay Leno Wins Mark Twain Prize

Jay Leno Wins Mark Twain Prize
Jay Leno honored by receiving the Mark Twain prize for American humor
Member reactions:
This is amazing. Nice Stretched of the face.
BEST and HD pic. His skins so smooth amazing work here very catchy eye
Good one.... like his Mustache and grey hair hilarious
Damn, he reminds me some cartoon character, can't remember which one. Great blending.

Funny Germany Celebrates World Cup Win

Germany Celebrates World Cup Win
Landsknechtsäbel, Pieter Aertsen, Holl

Funny Rembrant Wins World Photoshop Title

Rembrant Wins World Photoshop Title
1st annual world cup chop-off sponsored by Freakingnews
Member reactions:
Clever chop, though I would never guess Rembrandt in the guy on the right
That is because it is Tom Hanks. I didn't have a current photograph of Rembrandt. I think he died before cameras so I found somebody that could act the part Thanks Newsey, Rajeshstar, Pree and 420
-Very surprised and very honored. Thanks Doc, eric, Luciano. I wouldn't really know Rembrandt if he knocked on my door but I think he would totally dig chopping.
Congratulations Hits.... Excellent work...
Congrats on the gold, Hits. I see it's transformed Tom Hanks now. It'd be very challenging to use the Rembrandt source and blend it with a photo - his technique was very far from photo realism - strong brush strokes and heavy contrast
Yeah it would. I circumvented getting into that sort of hair pulling and wisely so. I am not sure what inspired me to use Hank's likeness but I think Cloud Atlas had something to do with it. And as I was milling through tons of faces that might resemble Rembrandt Hanks kept popping up; mainly the eyes are similar. So I tweaked it all to build this modern version

Funny Clint Dempsey Winning the Women's 100 Meters

Clint Dempsey Winning the Women's 100 Meters

Funny John McCain Wins GOP Nomination

John McCain Wins GOP Nomination
After Republican presidential candidate John McCain successfully secured his GOP nomination, President George W. Bush gave his endorsement to McCain. Meeting with McCain and his wife at the White House, Bush junior said that McCain is a true Republican and would make a great country leader and commander-in-chief. At the same time many analysts think that blessings from Bush would actually drop McCain's ratings, since Bush has the lowest support ratings of all times, and associating with Bush is not the best thing at the moment. Photoshop anything related to John McCain winning the GOP nomination, his future possible presidency, and running mate. Some examples are: motivational & demotivational posters with McCain, old paintings showing "Christening" of McCain by GOP leaders, his election posters with his running mate, etc.

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