Baboon Wolverine
Baboon Wolverine
Baboon Wolverine. Member reactions:
I knew this would grab a cup. Top job mate.. Congrats on the double play
This was awesome. Congrats on the twosome.

Funny Wolverine Painting by Munch

Wolverine Painting by Munch

Funny The Wolverine Minimalist Movie Poster

The Wolverine Minimalist Movie Poster

Funny Will Smith as Wolverine

Will Smith as Wolverine
Member reactions:
Fantastic... his facial expression and the color tone perfectly matches to the source Lovely job done
This really worked, huh. Veru well blended. Congrats

Funny Old Charlie Sheen in New Wolverine Movie

Old Charlie Sheen in New Wolverine Movie
Member reactions:
Fantastic chop, but I wish Sheen was more recognizable
BEST.. even I laugh for the whole and didnt even noticed Charlie's Fire fighter Vodka This chop is Classic
Thank you, NewsMaster, thank you, Ericnorthend.
Thank you, Disasterman111, Ericnorthend, Paul. We will meet again in the following contests.
Terriffic idea congrats on the bronzie cup... Yeah, you lost a little control over the likeness like newsey said but the execution of content really soars.
Thank you, JoaoN, Hobbit90, Hitspinner. It was not losing likeness control it was too much Vodka... I will use your advice for creating future pictures. Thank you. W.

Funny Beppe Grillo the Wolverine

Beppe Grillo the Wolverine
Member reactions:
I'm french and i now him and i voted 9: this is very good . Maybe he is not much known in USA :-/
Phenomenon Job Nice Texture Great caricature
Quality work, Pix. and tyhanks to you I now know who Mr. Grillo is

Funny Taxed Wolverine

Taxed Wolverine
Member reactions:
Awesome concept, neatly executed very well done, like it
This really astonishing to judge the tax can be taken like this , even superheros were not being spared
must be an adamantium saw. Great idea JS, and great execution.
Congrats Jim...the IRS's saw is out of this world, .
Silver congrats to you Jim
Awesome stuff, Jim. Congrats on the silver.

Funny Wolverine Wearing a Duck Hat

Wolverine Wearing a Duck Hat
Never interupt Wolverine during bath time.
Member reactions:
Thanks ericnorthend, rajeshstar, subhraj1t and AzureSky for your comments and votes.

Funny The Real Wolverine

The Real Wolverine

Funny Wolverine in World War 11

Wolverine in World War 11

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