Nuclear Wolf Holding an Alien by the Head
Nuclear Wolf Holding an Alien by the Head
Nuclear Wolf Holding an Alien by the Head. More meaningless putzing around
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TY Hobbit, Lucianomorelli, ericnorthend
Putzed around and got Gold. Congrats Hits, awesome compositing as always..
Excellent... Gold Congrats, Hitspinner. Merry Christmas. Best Wishes.
So many thanks to Elegary, Andrew, Newsy, Champ, PSH, and Bob. Merry Christmas to all,
Freaking fantastic work. Congrats on the Gold, Mr. Hitman ^^ Merry Christmas

Funny Jon Snow with his Wolf

Jon Snow with his Wolf
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a fantastic build. Congrats Hits, and I thought I put a lot of work in mine Lol. Great Sources
Thank you Champ and NM. The rules never change. You could say the measure of a good chop is how well traces of the work are buried.
Dind't knew it's yours Hitspinner, I love the creativity and it fits perfect with the character Silver congrats..

Funny Vladimir Putin with his Wolves

Vladimir Putin with his Wolves
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Not a bad source

Funny Napoleon Encountering a Wolf Pack

Napoleon Encountering a Wolf Pack

Funny Flying Wolf Bat

Flying Wolf Bat
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Funny Wolf After a Human Kill

Wolf After a Human Kill
Trying to achieve an HDR Effect. Source Images The Best View
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Yikes... I'm to scared to stay here long enough to even comment on this one.
The wolf with dropping blood from its mouth is really scary and the corps behind makes the pic amazing good one
Thanks very much, Nanny, Ricky, Raj, and Sulli. Beyond composition I was trying to achieve an HDR effect with the regular filters in PhotoShop. Guess it turned out Okay.
Good job and at least you didn't get that god awful Topaz squiggle.
Hat watch bloody skull with red flesh.. Cold blood..
Impressive job. I had a similar image on a shirt some time ago.
Thanks, Balo, Gumster, D-Man, Eric, and Lu. Yeah..Gummy I can imitate the Topaz squiggle to a small degree..good for covering low Rez images.. Lu, I bet you received some strange looks when wearing that shirt..
Great technique and perspective angle here. The hat and the broken watch are nice touches too
Yikes... Scared me so much I just wee weed Top 5 mate...
Thanks, Newsy. Tanx, Gumster. Damn lucky to be in the top 5 after taking a huge torpedo hit early on. Just part of the job I guess. Thanks, Hit-man. Oops if that happened I understand why you had to cut your comment short. Thanks Everyone, for all the great votes and wonderful comments. You Guys make this a Blast. And give us good reasons to do it again.
Tough race this time, - outstanding chops racing nose-to-nose. Wish this none would get a trophy too
Thanks, 420. Thanks, Newsy. Sort of an experiment for me. It had some major flaws, and I did learn how to remedy I'm not too terribly disappointed in it's finish. Like you said, a lot of other great entrees in this contest. But given the range of numbers we use in the voting scale at this time, I do find it hard to understand why some-one would score this chop a (6) that at it was still a great contest, with a number of fantastic voters and comments. Very hard to proof read this small input I may have said something strange..but hey, what's new about that.
I was actually busy and pre-occupied yesterday so comments were short . And a "6" is simply a testimony that the voter is clueless as to what constitutes a great chop. With an itsy-bitsy attention to crop halo and a taller format you have marketable cover for a book. That is cool, you can use FN as a practice area for developing more commercially viable ideas for your portfolio. Smart thinking 99.
Your Right Hit-man. Yeah..most of the dark Halo around the wolf created by my post processing was the Sgt. Bob pointed out it could have been remedied with a tiny bit of back-lighting and cropping. And it would have improved the impression of the wolf. Thanks, Max...
Dang agent 86..I must be old too. I knew what you meant by the number 99.

Funny Obama the Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

Obama the Wolf in Sheeps Clothing
He's dangerous, but looks quite safe and innocent.
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The Shepard scares me more than the wool-if does.

Funny The Wolf of Wall Street Movie

The Wolf of Wall Street Movie
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Why not "Her, the wolf of Wall Street" .
looks cool and the crowd is cheering on their success
Amazing piece Evirio, congrats winning Silver Cup.
Thanks again, Paul, UncleChamp, geriatric, Newsy.

Funny Woman Walking in the Forest with a Wolf Digital Art

Woman Walking in the Forest with a Wolf Digital Art
The forest is beautiful in the winter--but also dangerous. That is why she takes her wolf and sword with her for the walk.

Funny Obama's Tea Party with an Invitation From Milton Wolf

Obama's Tea Party with an Invitation From Milton Wolf
Obama’s Tea Party ‘Cousin’ Wants to Stop Him From ‘Destroying America’
Member reactions:
Blended superbly, even changing his skin color. The "tea party" card is a nice touch

Funny Mexican Wolf

Mexican Wolf
Photoshop the photo of this Mexican wolf any way you wish. Some examples are: merge the wolf with other animals, use this Mexican wolf image in posters and paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. This is an Apprentice Contest. You are eligible to enter this contest if you have less than 5 golden trophies at Freaking News. You have 7 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Jim Clark for providing the source photo.

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