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Funny Wolf Pictures

Wolf in SheepFunny Wolf in Sheep
Member reactions:
He's dangerous, but looks quite safe and innocent.
The Shepard scares me more than the wool-if does.

The wolf of wall streetFunny The wolf of wall street
Member reactions:

Why not "Her, the wolf of Wall Street" .
looks cool and the crowd is cheering on their success
Amazing piece Evirio, congrats winning Silver Cup.
Thanks again, Paul, UncleChamp, geriatric, Newsy.

Ivitation From Milton WolfFunny Ivitation From Milton Wolf
Member reactions:
Obama’s Tea Party ‘Cousin’ Wants to Stop Him From ‘Destroying America’
Blended superbly, even changing his skin color. The "tea party" card is a nice touch

Navy Wolfs!!!Funny Navy Wolfs!!!
Member reactions:

GIRL with WOLFFunny GIRL with WOLF
Member reactions:

nice picture. check this link already popular on the interwebs: browse down a bit,portrait/Recent
Its so live and attractive face, crisp and quality chop
The Beauty and the Beast.... lovely white wolf looks too beautiful than the girl
Great to see you back at FN, Mate. Ultra nice paint technique employed here. Congrats on the cup.
very nice this a total digital painting or photo manipulation or what .
Cool painting technique. Congrats, on the wood, Jockey.

Lone WolfFunny Lone Wolf
Member reactions:

Newsy obviously has an edge for this type of contest. Works for me.
One Wolf and Many Lambs Now the countdown begins.....

Wolf in Sheep's ClothingFunny Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Member reactions:

Look out little Red Riding Hood. This is scary. I would like it a bit better with a bit less 'Blue' in the image. Otherwise-I like it.
Thanks geriatric, took your advice and backed off the blue
Thanks geriatric, Ariel, penaplonk, and Newsy..

Wolf TricksFunny Wolf Tricks
Member reactions:

Smart wolf .
Add some shadows from the hula-hoop and it'll be a freaking masterpiece.
Thanx for the comment newsmaster....done

Alone with the wolfFunny Alone with the wolf
Member reactions:

Nice... gereiatric...You want one. a Wolf. a Girl., or a Mommy.
She is looking so pretty trying to pay all your attention to her.... lovely hair with curls make you grab into her world Fantastic work done.... like the mood of the pic with the Wolf protecting the beauty
Many thanks Geriatric, D-man, SplatShot, Rajeshstar very glad you like it
Beautiful and very innocent view superb composed.
Silver dress and pink touch with cartons lips and Rose... silent and loneliness is the concept best suited for the chop with marvelous finishing, Lonely but lovely..
Luv this Sun. I like the serene quality to the chop & she has lots of emotion in her gaze... Grats on the bronze.
Congrats Sunshin3. Very nicely done or sure.
No #3 at the end your name Sunshine..Sweet...
Many thanks to everybody for congrats and lovely comments ..
Beautiful art, Sun. Congrats on the bronze.

Red and the WolfFunny Red and the Wolf
Member reactions:

Lovely snow flakes and the beauty making it sparkle is beautiful

Mexican WolfFunny Mexican Wolf - Photoshop the photo of this Mexican wolf any way you wish. Some examples are: merge the wolf with other animals, use this Mexican wolf image in posters and paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. This is an Apprentice Contest. You are eligible to enter this contest if you have less than 5 golden trophies at Freaking News. You have 7 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Jim Clark for providing the source photo.

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