Wizard of Russian Oz
Wizard of Russian Oz
Wizard of Russian Oz.

Funny the Wizard of Wars

the Wizard of Wars
Member reactions:
Great job working Star caricatures into Oz.



Funny Wizard Lizard

Wizard Lizard

Funny You'r a wizard eh

You'r a wizard eh

Funny wolf man hobo wizard eating lunch

wolf man hobo wizard eating lunch
a quick shop that I did while meandering through a source image folder.
Member reactions:
There is a mountain in the seat. I like that.
Very complex image, Need time to read it all.

Funny Paul Ross the Wizard

Paul Ross the Wizard
Headmaster at Freaking News

Funny Wizard with Green Plazma Ball

Wizard with Green Plazma Ball
Member reactions:
The top hand is incorrect .. . the baby finger side of the hand would be facing out with the thumb side in against the body.
I was going to say the same thing . Looks like its all fixed now.
Thanks for your constructive criticism. I always like to improve my work. For me, hands seem tough.
You're welcome … nice edit, looks much better.
His right hand could be turned counterclockwise a bit.
Thanks for your generally positive feedback.
Cool Work Elephant. I like the glow and the silhouette effect you have going here. I was thinking maybe some green light color blended over the glowing orb and his robe, would help tie the elements together. Thus selling the image a bit better.
Good suggestion. I'll remember that for future entries.

Funny Wizard of Oz Movie Night on Old TV

Wizard of Oz Movie Night on Old TV
I always enjoyed watching the Wizard of Oz on TV as a kid. Seems like they aired it about once per year.
Member reactions:
… we hear he is a wiz of a wiz if ever a wiz there was … Great chop.
Source Painting-"An experiment on a bird in an air pump" by Joseph Wright
When the whole family use to seat around the screen
Yes. The whole family...plus a few extras.
This chop makes me wanna go back to those older days. Plus it's got many references to this wonderful movie.
Great work Luna congrats.. ..its now my desktop picture..

Funny Obama and the Clintons Off to See the Wizard of War

Obama and the Clintons Off to See the Wizard of War
Member reactions:
Interesting. Would be even better to make it into a movie poster

Funny The Wizard of Oz sequel

The Wizard of Oz sequel
Dakota Fanning will star in the Wizard of Oz sequel. She will step into the Oz shoes of Dorothy’s granddaughter who will replace Dorothy in the new Oz plot. While the Wizard of Oz sequel will still follow the general story of the original Wizard of Oz, the new Oz will be slightly more action packed and darker, according to a Warner Brothers executive. As reported, Wizard of Oz sequel co-producer Todd McFarlane revealed, "You’ve still got Dorothy trapped in an odd place, but she’s much closer to the Ripley character from Alien [Sigourney Weaver] than a helpless singing girl." So Warners tells us the new Oz be "darker and more action-packed" than the original 1939 musical. Let's help the studio create The Wizard of Oz sequel, by photoshopping it any way you wish.

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