Unknown Witness
Unknown Witness
Unknown Witness. from black and white to color
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You should put in your comments that this is a B&W pic that u'v coloured, then people know what wk u'v done

Funny Doom Witness the Evil

Doom Witness the Evil
source this pic was inspired by the fact that halloween is just around the corner and I knew of some imagery that I had which would set the tone for this occasion . It is a big pic so please wiev for ricky..., or view full for everyone else. and remember please be kind
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is that Ricky in the claw. I played the original Doom on Nintendo freaking loved it.
thanks guys, I cant imagine the original doom on nintendo, the original was pretty good.....doom 3 was pretty good too

Funny Witnesses on Barack Obama's Birth Certificate

Witnesses on Barack Obama's Birth Certificate
Boxing Promoter Don King, Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton are the paid witnesses to the live birth.
Member reactions:
Tears in my eyes from laughter. Faceprint & State Seal... Hahahaha.
Thanks, Newsy. Glad I could bring you to tears.
Anything different about the footprints.
Yes, 6 toes in the footprints. Must be an (illegal) alien, .
Thanks, rasjeshstar. Thanks, Prakashpilla. Thanks, sams.
Freaking Idea and Very well assembled. All the best.
Congrats on the victory
Congrats Pcr So funny and very creative..
congrats pcrdds, your sense of humor is consistently remarkable.

Funny Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Witness Armageddon

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Witness Armageddon
We're living in a very Fragile World..hope it never comes to this.

Funny People Witnessing an Explosion

People Witnessing an Explosion

Funny Witness Protection

Witness Protection
Ben takes on a new life (and race).

Funny Strange Man Witnessing an Autopsy

Strange Man Witnessing an Autopsy
"Abe has been in med school for two years. A recent frenzied bite from the deceased man, when treating him for his left arm lesions,has left it raw, to which he is now worried he will be next..."
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Impressive work.... like the person standing in that antique pic
I know ericnorthend, its freaking hilarious. I was sure it would been voted better, it was a complex subtle piece, i guess if the original is not familiar, then certain people wouldn't even know it was not an original . to which is even funnier. Well anyway i loved doing it i wanted it to be subtle funny

Funny Keyhole Witness

Keyhole Witness
All Crimes performed secretly
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Wheen I saw this I was amazed at how the tree hole resembled a, well you know,... ladies have them. It makes one pause.Hahaha On a technical point, Rajesh, the girl is a little stretched but I see that you sort of had to do that to form the overall message

Funny Amish Boy in Witness

Amish Boy in Witness
Recasting in the re-release of WITNESS after 25 Years

Funny The Hummer Witnessed the Massacre

The Hummer Witnessed the Massacre
Only it's engine was still running when they finished.
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Big Al plate

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