Girl WithThe Golden Burger
Girl WithThe Golden Burger
Girl WithThe Golden Burger. Member reactions:
Cracking up at the pimp. "Skrew off, I ain't a weasel, I'm a ferret and this is my 12 year old sister"
Nicely done love the way you make the burger shine
Super chop. For extra effect I'd put a bottle of Coke and fries in front of the girl, or in front of the ferret.
Thanks all If you look close, you can see Ronald McDonlad in the doorway on the left.
Inspirational sources here indeed. I like that you had fun changing the buildings too. Sorry about missing the hambuglar connection Hey, it looked like a pimp to me
Congrats. Boy, it's hard to come up with something to beat you.
Congrats on the win, Rain. The burger is golden indeed.

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