Up a creek without a paddle.
Up a creek without a paddle.
Up a creek without a paddle. . Member reactions:
That boat is just the job..very funny chop..

Funny Once upon a time boy was born in Texas without brains

Once upon a time boy was born in  Texas without brains

Funny Crazy even without gravity

Crazy even without gravity
I think Bill will enjoy without the teeth
Member reactions:
Congrats, Links. Send them to space forever.
Good pic of Hillary, Congrats on the win.
Thanks to everybody

Funny Brothers without forehead

Brothers without forehead
Image source

Funny Man without Birth certificate

Man without Birth certificate
Member reactions:
This is so nice, can you make the whole image a sepia. or B&W .. Ill hold off on voting on it
Doesn't look like the new face fits properly (chin and cheek sides).
Grain, texture, focus and contrast need quite a bit of work.

Funny Jeb Bush Comes to the Republican Debate Without Pants

Jeb Bush Comes to the Republican Debate Without Pants
“I could drop my pants,” he said in an interview. “Moon the whole crowd. Everybody would be aghast, except the press guys would never notice.”

Funny Modern Big Ben Without Numbers

Modern Big Ben Without Numbers
A bit of the old and new. Original Big Ben by Unsplash on Pixabay.
Member reactions:
Congrats On The Trophy, Bob. Seems Time has lost track of Big Ben.

Funny Donald Trump the Scarecrow Without a Brain

Donald Trump the Scarecrow Without a Brain
Here's everyone's favorite reality star turned republican frontrunner....Donald Trump as the Scarecrow from Wizard of OZ. No person in their right mind... could come up with something as stupid as building a wall to keep people out of or country. See Trump is brainless.... the scarecrow is brainless.......(made sense at one point.) Trump wants to build a wall here's how I made it.
Member reactions:
Freaking brilliant. and I think the straw hair looks more natural than his "own"
Haha. Brilliant, and funny.
Trump seriously needs this hair style. Brilliant chop.
Congrats, Hackofalltrades. Happy New Year.
congrats Hacko. cool idea. that Trump is quit a character. curious to see the upcoming elections.
Congrats on the silver, Hack. Happy New Year.
Excellent chop... Silver congrats for sure

Funny House Without a Roof in a Storm

House Without a Roof in a Storm

Funny Helicopter Flying Without Rotors

Helicopter Flying Without Rotors

Funny Animals without Necks

Animals without Necks
Animals with long necks mainly evolved in places where the competition for food on the ground was too high. Giraffes, thanks to their long necks, can easily reach tree leaves and fruits that are unreachable for other ground animals. However there's a dear price to pay for having a long neck - the heart has to pump blood with huge pressure to reach the head located several feet up. Running and stopping with a long neck also becomes difficult as the heck and the head have their own momentum which may break them when the legs and torso suddenly stop. Since running is a crucial survival skill for most ground species, long necks are really an exception, and the short necks are the rule. From the survival point of view, necks need to be just long enough to allow the head to move freely, and not longer. Modern fish species do not have necks, but some extinct "curious" fish species did develop necks and eventually moved to the ground turning into reptiles, dinosaurs, birds and mammals. So, perhaps, originally, curiosity became the reason for developing a neck? Today we'll create some neckless world on earth. Take any animals (except humans) and show how they would look without necks, with their heads smashed on their torsos. Themepost image credit: reddit.com

Funny Celebrities without Makeup

Celebrities without Makeup
Photoshop celebrities 'without makeup' and show us what celebrities or politicians would look like if they didn't take care of themselves - such as gaining weight, bad teeth, poor skin, etc.

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