Witch Dressed in Black Digital Art
Witch Dressed in Black Digital Art
Witch Dressed in Black Digital Art. This is a witch who is into fashion. She also enjoys cackling on Halloween night. Frequently, she has cackle parties with her friends. Digital art.
Member reactions:
This witch wearing black dress looks beautiful... but holding a skull is weird
Thank you balodiya. Thank you rajeshstar.

Funny Wicked Witch of the FED Janet Yellen

Wicked Witch of the FED Janet Yellen
Member reactions:
Obama do not know about the real properties of Janet and he is playing a safe game Janet as witch looks amazing with green color and burning currencies
Congratulations on your Bronze Cup winner, H.H.. Nice Work.
Love the burning banknotes here. Halloween spirit, yay.

Funny Hillary the Witch and Her Demons

Hillary the Witch and Her Demons
Member reactions:
This is great very Interesting job done Nice effects
LMFAO rajesh, yes it does

Funny Hillary Clinton the Witch

Hillary Clinton the Witch
Member reactions:
Double Bronze congrats, Andrew. Love her eyes.
WTG Wanderer. But Now I feel bad about getting in the way for you getting a trifecta. (But not to bad, you understand)
Thank you, Rajeshstar, Paul and Gummy. Gummy, I hope we both will have a trifecta in the future. For me it happens when all of you will take vacation for on contest and will send 3 pictures. Best regards, W
This one is my favorite from far . congratulations for the mass entries and win .
Bronze congrats for Wanderer too. Woo Hoo.
Gummy messed up a perfect 4 cup sweep. Then on the other hand, he could say you messed up his Gold spot. And I can say, I did not interfere at all Bwhahahahhaah Well done chop.

Funny Rihanna the Witch

Rihanna the Witch
Member reactions:
Nice work-good luck.
Awesome lighting glare coming out the that pot great background used and nice caricature of that lady
I was thinking this one would win just because it was Rianna and we seem to have gathered a younger audience in my absence. I say this is a very good chop and so did everyone else

Funny Witch Gliding Over a Lake on Her Broom

Witch Gliding Over a Lake on Her Broom
extra large
Member reactions:
Lovely angle or witch flying.... and good reflection in the water well done
Thanks, Glad you like it. I put a lot of time in on this one.
I dont know how she is feeling right now Riding on the Stick well good work of reflection and water flickerrring effects...

Funny The Great Pumpkin Hot Air Balloon with a Witch

The Great Pumpkin Hot Air Balloon with a Witch
Take a ride in the Great Pumpkin, get lost for hours in the Corn Maze, it's Harvest Time all the time at Uncle Shucks farm. Family fun.

Funny The Witch's Sunset

The Witch's Sunset
The Witch's Sunset

Funny Hillary Clinton Witch

Hillary Clinton Witch
Member reactions:
Great thinking... if Hillary is a witch.. then we would got someone better then her nice creation of her as a witch and a snake in her hands looks great well done
Great research on witch skin tone Perfect execution
Nice Makeover on the face and nice background overall looks very nice
Yep Thanks. Whomever gave me a 10... dang, I love you too...
Bronze congrats too, Tim. Hillary does look scary here

Funny Witch doctor

Witch doctor
Member reactions:
Salis is THE Witch Doctor. Great job, "hidden."
, this is great.. and i get to keep my shades too ... cool. oh, my payback list is getting longer and longer..
Witch Doctor at its best..... Great work done by including the skull, medicine inside bottles and the bone studded stick with an Ostrich skull gives a freaky and scary look to the Doctor good job done all the best for your trophy
what a nice gift from - the - Funkwood, thanks and congratulation.
congrats on your bronze Mr F...and yes I will resubmit my pic to you
My favorite of this contest. Congratulations.
One of the best chops of Salis. Congrats on the bronze, funkster.

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