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Funny Witch Pictures

German WitchFunny German Witch
Member reactions:
Which idiot told that it is obliged to come in sunday best
The best at its best... Witch is now united with the family Welcome home Excellent background used
Very very thanks rajeshstar

Voodoo WitchFunny Voodoo Witch
Member reactions:

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Great job done Michael as mother of all witches... and Obama is looking cute in Muppet role
Cool looks to the Real witch Amazing toys for Vodoo practice
Silver congrats, Hobbit. Clever and great work on puppets.
Really cool work Hobbit.. I like the subdued tones and colors...We don't see that enough. Grats on the silver..
Silver congrats, Hobbit. Really loved this one.
Congratulations for this black-magical chop

Witch WorldFunny Witch World
Member reactions:

Excellent work.... very innovative idea generated with the Crow sitting on the top of the magic ball
Amazing concept its Asguards Witch.. Where is Loki
Congrats Funk. Once again a very deep picture, almost could use binoculars.
Thanks all....I really didn't think I'd win this one, there were so many awesome entries. But I appreciate all the votes.
Congrats on the Gold Funk , Love your imagination ....

Oktoberfest witchFunny Oktoberfest witch
Member reactions:

Wonderful.... like the view and the witch flying over the sky with a crow as a companion good thinking
Funny posture with the freaky mask and the crazy placement of the Crow as Rider
Thank you rajeshstar, ericnorthend,NewsMaster .

Salem Witch MuseumFunny Salem Witch Museum
Member reactions:

Witches' Coven WorkshopFunny Witches' Coven Workshop
Member reactions:

Great work like the new avatar of the classic couple

The stair witch projectFunny The stair witch project
Member reactions:

The Wicked WitchFunny The Wicked Witch
Member reactions:

Ha ha very funny to see the Monkey and the witch trying to takeover that girl very good job done with the ambiance and the concept ...
Quality work. I like the fairy tale mood here. Looks almost Halloween-ish too

Member reactions:

Ferocious eyes and the wooden hand coming out of that twig is awesome.... like the face its scary and dangerous
Eye and teeth are the best part of this pic and the remaining part of chop is artistic touch its scary as usual, good job

The Blair WitchFunny The Blair Witch
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