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Funny Wishing Pictures

Best wishes from NancyFunny Best wishes from Nancy
Member reactions:

I like this one although the subject is crazy as a s***house Rat.

Express three wishes, my LordFunny Express three wishes, my Lord
Member reactions:

Excellent work. The dance instructor kinds reminds me Vin Diesel here too

HONDA wishing it was a HARLEY-DAVIDSONFunny HONDA wishing it was a HARLEY-DAVIDSON
Member reactions:
Honda wishes it could be a Harley-Davidson
What a design.... Love the logo making it look similar to HD
Almost last place...I did good with this one...

2 more wishesFunny 2 more wishes
Member reactions:

Like the way Jennie appears from that bag to give more two wishes....

Surfer Wishing for WavesFunny Surfer Wishing for Waves
Member reactions:

This is a really cool surrealistic image. The background is an excellent choice.
Rock on the left needs shadows to match the figures in the image.
Excellent. Congrats on the silver, nepaguy.
Congratulations Nepaguy59. Cool concept.

Fat Barack Obama Wishing for ChangeFunny Fat Barack Obama Wishing for Change
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Monsters Coming From Wishing WellFunny Monsters Coming From Wishing Well
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Boy at the Disney Wishing WellFunny Boy at the Disney Wishing Well
Member reactions:

Just a little effort to combine dreams with reality -- well, good wishes do come true - all they need is a little efforts .... ..
Love the colors and happy mood here. I'll call it "motivational poster for kids."

When You Wish Upon A StarFunny When You Wish Upon A Star
Member reactions:

awesome work here .. love how you painted the hair
this is Simply Quality and Beautiful work reminds me of something you might see for a print for a dvd movie for Disney Simply Outstanding Work

I wish I were Lara Croft - Brittany MurphyFunny I wish I were Lara Croft - Brittany Murphy
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Wishing WellFunny Wishing Well - This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this wishing well image any way you wish (image credit Michael Pereckas). Some examples are: re-dressing the boy at the wishing well, making the boy's wish come true, making the boy at the well perform some stunts, designing a poster with this wishing well image, putting the wishing well or the boy into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

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