Birthday Wishes
Birthday Wishes
Birthday Wishes. Member reactions:
Excellent flag n light show and work on the Prez sign and Rock hat. Wild looking jacket 😊 Nicely done Vicspa.

Funny Trump's Wish, Make America Great Again.

Trump's Wish, Make America Great Again.
Hannity gives Trump his Wish.
Member reactions:
at Hannity Entertaining chop Hobbit, Top 5.
Thanks Reggie,I never miss watching FOX NEWS....
Very well done. Perfect composition placement. Grats on Top 5. We need our Plastic Fifth Placed trophy.
Outside the green house..😁👍

Funny Wish You Were Here!!!

Wish You Were Here!!!

Funny Wishing Angel Bottle

Wishing Angel Bottle
Member reactions:
Very pretty Congrats on the cup, Manosart. This is done in a style I love. I introduced a similar version here about 10 years ago but I think it was a bit confusing to some of the purist. It got mixed reviews as I recall. It was an angel rising from the water.
Great looking image and congrats on the Wood.
Mano very nice Pretty... Congratulationsss..

Funny Barack Obama's Christmas Wish For America

Barack Obama's Christmas Wish For America
Please view in full
Member reactions:
the changed photo on the wall.
Wonderful political statement. This guy has to go. He's turned traitor

Funny Putin's Last Wish

Putin's Last Wish
One day he will be in Hague international criminal court, sooner or later. Looks like he tries to protect neck from rope.
Member reactions:
That one sneaky turtle is hard to catch. Congrats on top 5, Andrew.
nice work, wanderer. i don't think we will ever see mr putin in the hague though...

Funny HONDA wishing it was a HARLEY-DAVIDSON

HONDA wishing it was a HARLEY-DAVIDSON
Honda wishes it could be a Harley-Davidson
Member reactions:
What a design.... Love the logo making it look similar to HD
Almost last place...I did good with this one...

Funny Obama the Hunchback with Joe Biden in a Wishing Well

Obama the Hunchback with Joe Biden in a Wishing Well
Obama gets a "bump" from the Democratic Convention and raises more money
Member reactions:
He has the more capability to raise funds than any other and Bump should come in the due course great chop like the Cat donating the money to the Pres.. Like the dressing of the president and the Rotary Representative donating a pie is very freaking ...
Freaking job Cute sandbox Touch mine heart
Amazingly molded, you reminded me a guy in movie 300
Another gold coin in Paul's wishing well. Congrats.

Funny Elderly Man Gets Three Wishes From a Genie

Elderly Man Gets Three Wishes From a Genie
Member reactions:
Like the way Jennie appears from that bag to give more two wishes....

Funny Surfer Wishing for Waves

Surfer Wishing for Waves
Member reactions:
This is a really cool surrealistic image. The background is an excellent choice.
Rock on the left needs shadows to match the figures in the image.
Excellent. Congrats on the silver, nepaguy.

Funny Wishing Well

Wishing Well
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this wishing well image any way you wish (image credit Michael Pereckas). Some examples are: re-dressing the boy at the wishing well, making the boy's wish come true, making the boy at the well perform some stunts, designing a poster with this wishing well image, putting the wishing well or the boy into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

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