NO Not That Wire
NO Not That Wire
NO Not That Wire.

Funny Wire Hair Dird

Wire Hair Dird
Member reactions:
The bird's head seems out of proportion... the beak looks pushed forward.

Funny Wire Tapping Nikolas Sarkozy

Wire Tapping Nikolas Sarkozy
French secret tapes of Sarkozy ruled legal in inquiry
Member reactions:
Seriously love this one. From the vintage look to the caricatures and humor.
Thanks compadres. Glad you liked it, Vladski.

Funny Obama Riding a Bike on a High Wire

Obama Riding a Bike on a High Wire

Funny Man and Girl Walking on a Wire Over Mountains

Man and Girl Walking on a Wire Over Mountains
Member reactions:
Thanks pcrdds. Any critique is welcome. Finding a nice pic of Freddy Nock was a huge help

Funny Girl Walking on a Wire

Girl Walking on a Wire
We've heard about the "Man on Wire" but here's rare photograph of the lesser known "Girl on Wire" that walked across St. Marys River, Florida in 1917.
Member reactions:
Nice idea and work but the angle of the rope is all wrong. The rope would need to be coming from top left to bottom right for this to look right. Work at it tho, great idea...
Thanks. I had that feeling too but can you take a look at this image and let me know if you have different thoughts.
Reduced the size/height of the girl making the angle look better now. Let me know what you think.
Looks better now. It is a strange angle the photo was taken. Love the ageing work you have done.. Good luck..
I really like this. You did age the girl really well. I like what you did with her arms otherwise the picture wouldn't have worked at all. My two cents is to get the grey bits off the black back least that thing in the top right corner that doesn't look like it is there on purpose.
Thank you so much guys for voting and for all the encouraging comments and thanks Jury for picking it.
Excellent job, congrats. Im a fan of old pictures in black and white and sepia tone.

Funny Wired Woman Digital Art

Wired Woman Digital Art
Member reactions:
Good job. It seems a 3d image. Did you edited this anyway. sorry just curiosity.

Funny Jim Carrey Crazy Clown on High Wire

Jim Carrey Crazy Clown on High Wire
Member reactions:
I love Jim Carey Great work, I like the idea.
Pretty cool. What's the stuff on his tooth.
I don't know newsy Need to ask Jim carey as He is very much stupid.
, but you were the one who added that stuff on his toot.
Newsy, just tried to add golden tooth to him, but it sucks
Krrish ( the Stuff Dilemma) beautiful Piece

Funny Lime Wire Hammered

Lime Wire Hammered

Funny Mel Gibson's Mouth Wired Shut

Mel Gibson's Mouth Wired Shut
Member reactions:
i had to come back to this,, ... you know your very sick,,, i love it.

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