Winter Olympic games 2014
Winter Olympic games 2014
Winter Olympic games 2014. 2014 Winter Olympics
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Brings some memories of Sochi almost 12 months back. Great chop, tusav.

Funny Jonathan Winters

Jonathan Winters
The Greatest
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Jonathan and a straitjacket are a good fit. Kewl Choppage. The BG and lighting raise the pic a notch or two above.
Great shot... big eyes and the craziest smile to get himself free is really worth watching well done
congrats hits. really expressive. looked at it for quite a while. an excellent choice of subject.
I figured out of the 6 I did this one and Mick Jagger had the best possibilities. The Jagger one, I figured had the edge... wrong again. Hehe I am beginning to think that I don't think like the group. Many thanks Doc, Jere, Splatshot, Luciano, eric, Deaddog and Hobbit. Happy holidays to one and all. Was a good contest, so many great entries
Congrats and Merry Christmas Hitspinner.
So, I guess this really isn't just a self-portrait. Congrats on the Wood.
Excellent work, I just wish it looked more like a photo in the light of the contest. Still a top job. Congrats on the wood, Hits.
All I did was sharpen with a little Topaz. The original source was all grainy and textured.

Funny Winter in the Snow At Last

Winter in the Snow At Last
All Paddy the Parrot wants for Christmas is a trip to anywhere there's snow Toronto. It'll do.
Member reactions:
Impressive. But might fix some shadows from the bird - it seems to have a uniform close shadow on the right which is cast even on the remote objects, making it look like the background is all flat
And what about some shadows on the bird from the cage bars.
Looking through the window doesn't seem to be so cold.
They are home in a tropical location, preparing to travel, LM.
Ahhhhh Icy a funkwoodish influence. (what a wordsmith. ) Really cute chop deserving of a cup as well. Oh well, top 5 kudos
Thanks, everyone. I see problems NOW, . But I bow to Hitspinner and Funkwood and Preemmie and Hobbit90 as masters of this contest, humble in acceptance of a standing I probably didn't deserve.

Funny Winter Stork

Winter Stork
Member reactions:
After seeing this I hate to put mine in, beautiful work, love it.
Whoa, now that's some serious bird dressing here.
and the icicles on the beak are just a brilliant touch.
So much story. Beautiful. Well done on every level.
Brilliant work, looks of kiddo is really adorable
Awesome chop, but whats new. Congrads on the win, couldn't be beat,,.
Well done. Congrats on the win. That studio lighting is a tough one to beat. It is like heroin to the eye.
Really amazing work, congrats on the win.
Thanks everyone. ...Heroin to the eye, interesting analogy Tim. But the studio lighting effect is created with the most basic photoshop tools. Just a careful control of contrast, saturation and brightness.
Yeah, we have talked about this before some years ago. Back in the distant days of actual film, we got these effects with dodging, burning, exposure effects and even scrims. It is a lot of work in the darkroom and still a lot of work in Photoshop. There are not fast shortcut filters. Ansell Adams had an eye for composition but his real mastery was once the film was out of the camera. Yo have that Adams touch on all your stuff for a long time now and it is nothing short of excellent.

Funny Winter flamingos

Winter flamingos
Snow birds, florida birds flying north to canada
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Agree to preemiememe, very interesting background though

Funny Mona Lisa winter portrait

Mona Lisa winter portrait
Member reactions:
Another good version of one of the most used subjects.
One of my favorites in the contest. Totally love how you redid the background

Funny American Winter

American Winter
Member reactions:
I don't think it can be done any better, great work of Digital Art.
the choice of clothing, the colors, the attention to detail, thewet shovel. it's all excellent. congrats.
What jeremix said Love it. PS- love the texture of the snow on the rooftops
Thinking outside the box. What Box. There is no stinking box. Terrific Work Hidden.
This is superb. Amazing. My favorite detail would be the icicles.
Amazing work and nice face expression....
Superior level of chopping. A never ending serie.
Very stylish remake - from the clothes to the icicles on the house to the wet shovel from snow.
Congratulations on the Gold-10, Master Funkwood. Phenomenal version of this couple. Grant Wood loves it.
Winter is coming... Very good colours theme.

Funny Winter time of De Venus by Botticelli

Winter time of De Venus by Botticelli
Member reactions:
Too much. Sorry, NewsMaster doesn't allow to remove winter jacket. I would like to leave only skis and shoes.
It is XXI century, sir. Liposuction, skiing and diet help a lot.
The Venus is great here. I love the wind-blowing guys - they naturally look like they are blowing frosty wind now.

Funny Starry night in winter

Starry night in winter
Member reactions:
Great technique - looks like it could be a genuine painting

Funny American Gothic Winter

American Gothic Winter
Member reactions:
added to me collection of AG,very well done.
This should be made into an ad for some winter clothing brand. Love it.
Thanks, everyone. Okay, Newsy...sell it for me. You'll get agent fees.
Another Fantastic version, Doc. Superb job of winterizing. Congrats on the Silver.

Funny Winter Birds

Winter Birds
Most birds fly south in the winter. The question is, if we could provide our feathered friends with warm winter clothes, would they stick around even through the coldest months? Bird winter clothes are available and sold in many pet shops. Photoshop any birds wearing warm clothes for the winter (coats, hats, boots, etc). Any birds are accepted in this contest, even the exotic birds that never saw winters. Many thanks to LunaC for the themepost.

Funny Winter Art

Winter Art
Today, December 1, is the official end of autumn and the beginning of winter. Are you looking forward to lots of snow this season? To mark the start of winter, let's "winterize" any famous paintings by adding snow to them and adding warm winter clothes to the characters in the paintings. Adding snow is a must, adding winter clothes is optional. Many thanks to JimShorts for the themepost.

Funny Rejected Winter Sports - Sochi 2014

Rejected Winter Sports - Sochi 2014
As the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi are getting closer, lets recall that Sochi is one of the warmest subtropical spots in Russia - winters there are very warm and often snow-less. Putin said he guaranteed snow there this year, even if he would have to bring it by helicopters from the surrounding regions. Luckily, he did not have to do it, but there was a lot of jokes in the Russian blogsphere how these winter sports would be played in the absence of snow. Let us think of some new sport disciplines that could (or could not) be added to the winter Olympics. Create any winter sports that definitely would not make it to the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games. Many thanks to pcrdds for the contest idea.

Funny Winter Movies

Winter Movies
Past Sunday, December 1, marked the official end of autumn and the beginning of winter. Though the winter has just started, brutal masses of arctic air are invading most of the US, bringing ice, wind, and sudden drop in temperatures. Let's see how winter invasion could happen to movies too - "winterize" any movies by adding snow to them and/or adding warm winter clothes to the characters in the movies. You are welcome to "winterize" movie titles too. Bring winter to the big screen!

Funny Let it Snow! (Winter Paintings)

Let it Snow! (Winter Paintings)
This Saturday, December 1, will mark the official end of autumn and the beginning of winter. Last year, dry and warm winter disappointed skiers, snowmobilers and winter enthusiasts. They have something to cheer about this week, as weather forecasts across the country promise snowier winter season than we had last year. Let it snow! To mark the upcoming start of winter, let's "winterize" any famous paintings by adding snow to them and adding warm winter clothes to the characters in the paintings. Adding snow is a must, adding winter clothes is optional.

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