Wine & Roses
Wine & Roses
Wine & Roses. This was a challenging piece of art to do and I used many layers to finish it. mixed media

Funny Pete Seeger Holding a Bottle of Wine

Pete Seeger Holding a Bottle of Wine
Member reactions:
Great . I never supposed He was a Champagne lover
Don't think that's how people will remember him, but cool chop nonetheless

Funny Woman Falls Out of Painting Getting a Bottle of Red Wine

Woman Falls Out of Painting Getting a Bottle of Red Wine
Member reactions:
Amazing how you blended art with photos in a perfect harmony. Love the dynamism in this composition too
Congratulations on the Two-fer Hobbit... Great OOB work....
Hobbit, well done. Nice work, i like it. Congrats on the Bronze cup.

Funny Lindsay Lohan Fine Wine

Lindsay Lohan Fine Wine
Was Lindsay Lohan reaching for a bottle. Sources
Member reactions:
Excellent....didnt notice the handcuff at first...
Awesome chop... like the vineyards and the Wine with butterflys hover around it
The whole chop is great, but I especially love how you added the sly snake.
Ummmmmmmmmm, why didn't this chop win a cup. This is beautiful work
you would have to ask the administrator that scored it a 7 with their 300 points and the other 4 who couldn't give it a 9 I guess spinner.

Funny Napoleon Wine

Napoleon Wine
"I had a bottle of 1908 Brandy (NOT Cognac, which is not vintage dated) and it tasted superb. But a 190 year old Cognac would be mind blowing to say the least."
Member reactions:
Nice but how does this design fit in the contest
"OMG. A Picasso without imagination.... Let's see... Napoleon Bonapart, he's dead right.... and now his spirit languishes on in a old bottle a 190 years later. Doh.
I have to agree with picasso18. Its a nicely done add for the wine but it's not what is he doing today.
Yeh it is what he's doing today, he became a drunkard LoL
Well if his spirit is lingering on doesn't that mean he is dead as a door nail.
I also agree with Twister. I don't mean to be mean about it but this site is allowing again and again people to submit chops that don't adhere to the contest rules. I was just out voted in ugly pets by chops that were clearly not ugly but cute merges of two animals. There are people on this site that will give this high marks because it is well done regardless of wether it follows contest rules or not. If the contest says make a man into a woman and some joker makes a woman into a man it should be immediately pulled
Wonderful work. "His spirit lingers on..." nice play on words.
Gawd u guys....this follows contest directions absolutely. Dead celeb mag cover doing what he is doing today...drinking relaxing IS on theme.
DD, why can't Napoleon be drinking wine today and endorsing a cognac brand. I am clueless how this is off theme. Congrats on the wood, Wiz.

Funny Steve Martin Drinking Wine Portrait

Steve Martin Drinking Wine Portrait
Steve Martin

Funny I Love New York in a Wine Glass

I Love New York in a Wine Glass
Member reactions:
No comments...WHY..... Brilliant piece of work... love the island in the glass...Awesome Chop....

Funny Woman Shipwrecked with Magical Wine

Woman Shipwrecked with Magical Wine
See source photo. Source
Member reactions:
That bottle caused me to double take. Good work.

Funny The Falling of the WIne Master

The Falling of the WIne Master
Member reactions:
lovely table setting

Funny Baby Watching Wine Man in Glass

Baby Watching Wine Man in Glass
this is what happens with 9 cups of coffee and listening to metallica
Member reactions:
well thank you.....i had a good laugh too..
Love it but what ifins you were listining to country n western (uck)
well if i listened to country i would puke, and schrival up into a little ball and die.but thank you for the great was a lot of fun to make
Great work , remind me some of my water works

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