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Funny Wine Pictures

How Does the Wine Taste? Funny How Does the Wine Taste?
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The song 'How Does the Wine Taste.' by M.Dubey and H.Karr,sung by Barbra Streisand in the '60s How does the wine taste. Does it stain your lips. What is the fruit-like. Just beyond my finger tips. Just out of reach I see so much I cannot taste and mustn't touch Tied to my little world My safe little world What would it be like If I broke the string. Would it be lovely And a little frightening. There is so much I've never understood How does the wine taste. Is it good. How does the wine taste. Does it make you glow. How does the wine taste. How does the wine taste. How does the wine taste. I think I know.
hand could be sharper ... original lyrics.
I like it. Love that song too. Hand is blurred cuz the glass is the focus. Nice interpretation.

Foster`s WineFunny Foster`s Wine
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Foster's Makes Wine.

WineFunny Wine
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If you're interested Click here.
I know what Sigmund Freud would say about this.
Great impact. Top of glass appears to be sloping down on the right.
ehlersk (Freud)... Premature Intoxication. . Nice thinking...

Can of WineFunny Can of Wine
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The convenience of a pop-top, and a familiar name one can trust makes the transition from grape soda to wine even easier.
Nice idea...but this is already a real product (ok not the make but wine in a can) good execution though.

bin WineFunny bin Wine
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Corked in the caves of Eastern Afghanistan (we think)
I also noticed some weird reflection in full view.
It's Bin Laden... or Mashby.
A great one in every way, I'd say. Only possible improvement I can see, and it's a detail, would be "we thimk"

Elderberry WineFunny Elderberry Wine
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"I don't want to talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper. I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries."
What a motley crew. You might want to curve the "Elderberry" text to follow the contour of the bottle.

Gasoline WineFunny Gasoline Wine
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Only the best for your car.

Bottle Of WineFunny Bottle Of Wine
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... Nice collections of Wines for 12 days of Christmas.... one wine for one day
Pretty funny H... Good execution... I like the concept

After a Bottle of WineFunny After a Bottle of Wine
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you do the math
What famous piece of artwork is this. Just curious...
Glad you liked kellie I hope Not an art work geriatric but hope you like it
Nice job. Maybe the bottle needs a little more light on the top and side to match the light source.
Thanks rajeshstar And thanks DD I will work on it As soon as I can
For me, the two things that ping are the size of the bathing suits (too small in comparison to the bottle and glasses) and the contrast on the bathing suits is too high, compared to the background. The reflection of the wine glass is great..
Thanks for your comment IcyAllEyeCan I respect your opinion
I could not do more detailing due to my girlfriend in Hospital hope you all liked my design thanks

Girl Drinking Wine RenoirFunny Girl Drinking Wine Renoir
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