Rat Wine
Rat Wine
Rat Wine. Member reactions:
You may want to adjust the reflection on the bottle to compensate more for the curved surface.

Funny Pig Wine

Pig Wine
Not to be confused with the alcoholic version...Swine Wine. Story Here
Member reactions:
, a beauty. Alcoholic Pig inside. I suggest making the label wrapped slightly.
Dang it. I meant to do that. . Image Edited. Thanks Newsy.
The edit made it perfect, Deb. And congratulations on the silver.
My grocery store doesn't carry this yet. (Thank God.). Fun entry. Congrats Deb.
That swine wine is good stuff. Great chop and congrats.
. Thanks for the nice comments everyone.

Funny Italian Blood Wine

Italian Blood Wine
Protester turns Trevi Fountain red

Funny Man Drinking Wine Oil

Man Drinking Wine Oil
The only wine that comes in a large yellow plastic container.

Funny Trying to Drink Wine in Zero Gravity

Trying to Drink Wine in Zero Gravity
Member reactions:
Now vino what goes on at the International Space Station.
Floating bottle may need to have a slight shade on the guy's face for more realism. I would also give the bottle and wine drops slight motion blur.
Congrat's Luciano, image very well finished. Junka

Funny Wine Glasses Filling Out of Bounds

Wine Glasses Filling Out of Bounds

Funny How Does the Wine Taste

How Does the Wine Taste
The song 'How Does the Wine Taste.' by M.Dubey and H.Karr,sung by Barbra Streisand in the '60s How does the wine taste. Does it stain your lips. What is the fruit-like. Just beyond my finger tips. Just out of reach I see so much I cannot taste and mustn't touch Tied to my little world My safe little world What would it be like If I broke the string. Would it be lovely And a little frightening. There is so much I've never understood How does the wine taste. Is it good. How does the wine taste. Does it make you glow. How does the wine taste. How does the wine taste. How does the wine taste. I think I know.
Member reactions:
hand could be sharper ... original lyrics.
I like it. Love that song too. Hand is blurred cuz the glass is the focus. Nice interpretation.

Funny Lindsay Lohan Driking Wine

Lindsay Lohan Driking Wine
Celebrating her decision to rehab.
Member reactions:
Overall a quality job, I wish the hand was a bit thicker to look more natural

Funny Baby Drinking Wine

Baby Drinking Wine
Member reactions:
this is a nice piece of artwork, but i'm not sure why some parts of the entry are croped, i thinks this can take off some power of your entry, specially in a out of the bounds contest. Also leaves have some white border at the edges. But in my opinion the detail that can move this to the next level is put the "kid's spurt" out of the bound
Much better after edit. Still think it'd be fun to make the pee flow off the edge of the photo, but it's your call.
the shadow of the boy says the light come from the left but the shadow of the card say the light come from the right - but I LOVE the new frame maybe have his pee run out of the frame and I would love to see his toe too.
Arm no need shadow, also head, and left side of the frame, this going better and better
I like this one. Great source image--and I especially like the "folded" background that turns into a base. Well done.
Seems a bit over-cropped, but still nicely done. I would have shifted the whole thing to the left a bit, so there'd be room for the whole oob foot.

Funny Australian Foster's Wine

Australian Foster's Wine
Foster's Makes Wine.

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