Bruce Willis Moonlighting Hair Club
Bruce Willis Moonlighting Hair Club
Bruce Willis Moonlighting Hair Club. He's not only a movie star - he's the secret owner of Hair Club. And it all started as a clown with a gorilla mask.
Member reactions:
Good chop but I think his shadow should be on the opposite side.

Funny Bruce Willis the Hitman

Bruce Willis the Hitman

Funny Bruce Willis Wrestling

Bruce Willis Wrestling
Happy Birthday Bruce "Bruno" Willis. That gun cake was actually given to Rumer Willis, on her 26th birthday, by Demi
Member reactions:
Different. I like it. The large head works well in this instance.
Agreed... he super hero will always be a hero
Thanks Swashuckle, rajeshstar, and SplatShot.
Thank you kindly, Hits. With all the caricature recognition comments, I thought sure mine would be accused of looking more like Rick Harrison of “Pawn Stars”

Funny Buff Bruce Willis

Buff Bruce Willis
Member reactions:
a little off on the color matching but cool concept but a little off on color matching.
Great Image, Hidden. I agree with Registered. It's just a tick off. IMO, bring the contrast up on his head (not ear) around 25% and I think it'll be perfect.
Age is just a number... good work on that 6 pack work and well merged
Forever young, that's the way we want to remember you.
Thanks everybody, I know I could do it better but it was a quick work
Welcome back stranger.... A real beaut. Are you back to stay for a while.
Thanks Hitspinner. Unfortunately I don't have no more enough patience to do complex photo composition so is better to let you guys create beauties

Funny Bruce Willis Celebrating In His Birthday Suit

Bruce Willis Celebrating In His Birthday Suit
Member reactions:
Cup congrats Doc. The dart in Demi is priceless.

Funny Bruce Willis Live Free or Die Hard

Bruce Willis Live Free or Die Hard
Member reactions:
Fully Funkified yet funkitized for your protection ...
Great Job. Kinda Freaky if you imagine having a conversation with this dude. ...
Superchop. Distorted but very recognizable.
Looks great to me. Cograts on the gold, Dan.Dang close horse race. 0.018th difference. Thinner than plumbers tape
Thanks all. Yeah I didn't realize how close it was until you mentioned it Tim.
Congrats on the Gold, Funkwood. Perfect build and caricature work.
Congrats on the Gold Funkwood. I knew you had it bagged : )
.:in my Favorites gallery.
Congratulations Funkwood. Always spot-ON.
Congratulations Funkwood. Always spot-ON.

Funny Bruce Willis the Gangster

Bruce Willis the Gangster
Member reactions:
Kewl surreal sorta image, Hidden. Now that's bobble-head if I ever seen one.
First 5 Congrats, Elegary. Great picture quality as always.
Very well done Elegary... Top 5..... you are running with the wolves

Funny Bruce Willis at 60

Bruce Willis at 60
Member reactions:
Best cop of NYPD ever ready to take his chances and that more like it. Amazing concept here true to the age and his legendary character will definitely save as again
This was after he had a discussion with his wife.
Grab a cup there Andrew. Nice looking chop. Congrats
Beautiful job. Is that a snapshot of YOUR feet. Classic.
Thank you, Hobbit, Master Sergeant and RobbNewman.

Funny Bruce Willis with Hair

Bruce Willis with Hair

Funny Bruce Willis as Pippy Longstoking

Bruce Willis as Pippy Longstoking
Member reactions:
For some morbid reason, this actually works Luciano hahahahaha. Cool beans

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