Flipped William
Flipped William
Flipped William.

Funny William Howard Taft

William Howard Taft
. Member reactions:
very good work, i like very much this composition...
Interestingly, however I would like to ask, if the light is coming through the window, because The subject (Face) is illuminated from the front. another question, because the window does not have shadows.
Thanks Guys..Mandrake..Basically, light sources are not coming through the window only. There are some low light source inside the room it self. By the way, Thank you for your constructive comment.I have added some shadows on the widow.
Awesome Like the little elephant stunt also..
Nice Elephant and how to balance on the boll. Little Elephant is very smart....
Really awesame, looks like the deflating version of the one in the painting.
Taft was a great choice. You really brought this one into the AAA+ class chop. Congrats on the silver cup, sir..
Congratulations my friend Black***. I Am very happy that you followed my advice.
Beautifulllll silver my friend, excellent job, many congrtulations for the win .... you are a good caricaturist, bravo

Funny Daddy William

Daddy William
. Member reactions:
This is a good time for writing on anything about which you feel strongly about Wake-up Mr.Daddy
Probably accurate. Wish the source for William was larger. Good source for office.
Congrats on the wood, noruss.That's what I call royal sleep.
Nice an clean, well done and you've got wood.

Funny William H Macy and son

William H Macy and son
Shameless Dad.. Member reactions:
This is Amazing.... Great work with the Wine Bottle in his hand and lovely and cute Son and Dad... as father as Son is a perfect example to the quote
, I see the anorexic mom there too.Congrats on the bronze, BF. Welcome back.

Funny William & Kate: two youngsters

William & Kate: two youngsters
. Member reactions:
beautiful work... excellent really
A great chop Kadath, and i think if you would have added a background you could have easily placed

Funny William H Macy Caricature

William H Macy Caricature
William H Macy plays super-derelict Frank Gallagher in the Showtime series SHAMELESS. He's perfect in the role.. Member reactions:
Great Caricature work.I love high definition.
cute. I remember this.
a caricature absolutely amazing 10+ bravo...
Amazing chop.... excellent caricature done with fabulous facial expression great job done Love this chop
Super duper... killing chop with his Best smiling face
a greeeeeat silver my friend... absolutely fantastic the caricature style... i love...maaaaany congrats for your wonderful silver
Congratulations on the Silver.A Quality Caricature.
Congrats on the Silver, LunaC ... Nice work. ... I like the background you chose
This is taking caricature to a new level.Congrats on the silver, Luna.

Funny Prince William and Charles with Kate Middleton Portrait

Prince William and Charles with Kate Middleton Portrait
Prince William 'to receive Kate portrait'. Member reactions:
Freaking idea ... Your Dog is Crazy Prince
Too Hilarious... holding the crown by mouth

Funny Kate Middleton and Kate Bosworth with William

Kate Middleton and Kate Bosworth with William
. Member reactions:
Kate Vs Kate... coming up the next on the line
Middleton's face expression.

Funny William H Macy in Shameless

William H Macy in Shameless
William H. Macy / Caricature Portrait Shameless BEST VIEW sources . Member reactions:
AWESOME.. Best Quality chop.Lovely caricature with the Straw and background makes it Cool
Great Caricature... good focus given to William by making Emmy little darker well lit up the image
Many Thanks to All I appreciate the kind words.
Macy's character perfectly captured here. This caricature rocks.Congrats on the gold, Bill.

Funny Kate Middleton Walking Prince William

Kate Middleton Walking Prince William
. Member reactions:
Just walkin the dog. Reminds me of a song.
U made me laugh, but Baby's hands are not on the floor and looks like Ghosty baby

Funny William Hung

William Hung
Design William Hung Album CD cover, or photoshop him singing with famous artists.

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