Bald Waters and the J.B.Wig.
Bald Waters and the J.B.Wig.
Bald Waters and the J.B.Wig..

Funny Jason Alexander and all His Wigs

Jason Alexander and all His Wigs
Jason Alexander, who starred as "George" on "Seinfeld," defends his obviously bad toupee
Member reactions:
Wed should be switched with Saturday... looks a bit like a going out on the town style... , Nice.
A perfect poster of hairstyle collection to be hanged out of the Saloon shop Like the curly one the most
It's nice concept for changing the face...
After a fast exam of the possibilities...I prefer him bald.
Saturday is for being yourself, hahaha. Job well done, Paulster, congrats on the silver too.

Funny Bob Dylan with a Howard Stern Wig

Bob Dylan with a Howard Stern Wig

Funny Zebra Wearing a Beach Ball Wig

Zebra Wearing a Beach Ball Wig
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Member reactions:
Very nice colors and shadows good color enhancement

Funny Amanda Amanda Show Wig

Amanda Amanda Show Wig
Amanda's Wig for Court
Member reactions:
LOl she looks even hot with the blue wig and the Mariguna leaf decorated on her hair The bong thrown out of the window still keeps its smoke oozing out and spreading all over the place good work on the smoke and to see the middle fingers of her feet good work overall
I love the toes too ..; ty Gugulanul Thanks Pcrdds the last time I checked you were in the lead ,,I guess it was a close contest
Congratulations winnning the gold premiememe, witty with the factor. Great Job

Funny Dogs Wearing Wigs

Dogs Wearing Wigs
Member reactions:
Awesome Dog Beauty Saloon lovely beautiful hair dressing Cute dogs... They look more cute then we Humans Lovely hairstyles on the display great job
Good stuff for little puppies Amazing Thinking and very well executed
Outstanding fashion group here... Lovely colors and very perfectly placed all together with crazy hairs on all of it

Funny Goat with a Blond Wig

Goat with a Blond Wig
Member reactions:
She looks more beautiful love the Ribbons and her lips with lipstick creates a bold look good one
Good idea of having ribbons Cute expression
She is so sweet.. I would love to Kiss her Beautiful work hidden very nice job of hair and horns with ribbon and the Killing smile

Funny Bassett Hound Wearing a Wig

Bassett Hound Wearing a Wig
Member reactions:
Curly hairstyle perfectly matches to the fur good job
Awesome chop, but what is that black thing in foreground.

Funny Cute Kittens in Wigs

Cute Kittens in Wigs
Member reactions:
Really cutes... Looks like made for each other Nice and lovely hairstyle
My Fav for the day Very cute and very nice
They have almost a human baby expression on their faces. Me likes a lot.

Funny Gorilla In a wig

Gorilla In a wig
Adana Ape was concerned over her female pattern baldness ,but was reassured by Chesmu Cameleon that her high fashion 100% camelbutt woven wigs would stay affixed to her lovely ape shaped head,,
Member reactions:
Trying to check different hair styles to have a perfect night out good one like the Gorallia concept
Excellent makeover Superb Idea and very well executed
cicsaix the hair dryers wire is hanging from the ceiling the cameleon is her assistant ..
thankkss Sunshine..
Amazing photoshoppery, pree. Love how you did the mannequin monkey heads. Congrats on the gold.
Thanks everyone ty NewsMaster....

Funny Animal Wigs

Animal Wigs
Dog shaved like a lion set off a panic in Norfolk, Virginia. After several 911 calls from people seeing "a lion on the loose", Norfolk police called the Virginia Zoo to see if any of its lions were missing, then came to catch the lion only to find a Labrador-poodle dog whose owner groomed it to look like a small lion. "At close look, it seemed like a dog wearing a lion wig, nothing to be scared about", said a Norfolk police officer. Photoshop animals with wigs (from human hair or from animal hair).

Funny Animal Wigs

Animal Wigs
Apparently, humans are not alone when it comes to wearing wigs. Many pets don't mind, and even enjoy wearing wigs. Photoshop animals with wigs (from human hair or from animal hair). Thanks to Doxieone and LunaC for the contest concept.

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