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Funny Wig Pictures

This is Bob Dylan with my wigFunny This is Bob Dylan with my wig
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Beach Ball WigFunny Beach Ball Wig
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Very nice colors and shadows good color enhancement

Carnival wigFunny Carnival wig
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Lovely and colorful wig attached to the beauty parrot very good one
This would have been my pick for number 1.

Where is my wig ?Funny Where is my wig ?
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That is really nice work. great blending of the head, and making it lighter as if it hasn't gotten any sun. Great attention to detail.
Yes.. the wig and the hair gone... well merged over his head good work

Cher Collector WigsFunny Cher Collector Wigs
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The Millinery Shop
Sweet. and Cher is really known for wearing wigs all the time.

Sylvester Stallone Loses His WigFunny Sylvester Stallone Loses His Wig
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The age is going arriving... Good Luck.
Another twisted piece from fleek. Woo hoo.

Dressed Up Dog with Blond Wig and SunglassesFunny Dressed Up Dog with Blond Wig and Sunglasses
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Wicked Witchie of The Ankle Level "Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read." - Groucho
This is so unbelievably cute. The quote is cute too. nice job. =)
Adorable, she does look like a "bitchy" model though.
No surprise here Really cute and Sid
Sid: Maybe you prefer nakked and wet. Link.
fantastic work doxieone , why you like dogs alot .... keep going my friend
People can disappoint.
omg what a sweet pic.. worth1k has had some pet photography comps over the years, i did the following of my cat as my dog refuses to stay still for photos and this particular cat will run from miles away to be in photos: My cat with no photoshopping. (he is a patient sole )
sid: LUV IT... So sweet, so tolerant.....

Puppy in a WigFunny Puppy in a Wig
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way to go....this is a very cool pic.....
ty carl,,, sid ) i think she burnt her hair with a bad perm ty burntfaery
So cute... Great work pree and congrats

African Buffalo in a WigFunny African Buffalo in a Wig
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Man, this is like optical illusion - it looks so natural and yet you realize it's so weird. Great job.
Thanks guys, every time I saw a picture of one of these buffalo's I thought that the horn was shaped like the old hair styles I use to see in the Jetson cartoons.

Elephant Seal in a WigFunny Elephant Seal in a Wig
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Animal WigsFunny Animal Wigs - Dog shaved like a lion set off a panic in Norfolk, Virginia. After several 911 calls from people seeing "a lion on the loose", Norfolk police called the Virginia Zoo to see if any of its lions were missing, then came to catch the lion only to find a Labrador-poodle dog whose owner groomed it to look like a small lion. "At close look, it seemed like a dog wearing a lion wig, nothing to be scared about", said a Norfolk police officer. Photoshop animals with wigs (from human hair or from animal hair).

Animal WigsFunny Animal Wigs - Apparently, humans are not alone when it comes to wearing wigs. Many pets don't mind, and even enjoy wearing wigs. Photoshop animals with wigs (from human hair or from animal hair). Thanks to Doxieone and LunaC for the contest concept.

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