PM and his wife at the exhibition
PM and his wife at the exhibition
PM and his wife at the exhibition. Calm guys I lose my wife .
Member reactions:
Awesome chop, but who are these people in the painting and what is "Davai Ceas".

Funny Create A New Wife

Create A New Wife
create your very own new wife, any way you want.
Member reactions:
Excellent idea.

Funny Husband And Wife Get A Big Shock

Husband And Wife Get A Big Shock
A husband and wife find out they are actually long lost brother and sister
Member reactions:
What, you again. Hahah If it weren't for that pesky Jeremix you would have had another fourfecta.. Top 5 congratulations just the same

Funny Husband and Wife

Husband and Wife
Barrack & Michelle
Member reactions:
Dunno why, but I think this combination of them is a better person than :the originals" Excellent cheerful jolly happy peaceful kinda person. Thanks for the show, Hidden.
Hahahaah Newsey. Clean chop.... Conversion is remarkable
Thanks Nanny, luciano, Newsy, Hits. This was one of the best I did, glad it ranked well.

Funny Justin Bieber Working With His Wife Miley Cyrus

Justin Bieber Working With His Wife Miley Cyrus
They surely seem like they deserve each other, don't they.
Member reactions:
Fantastic way to make them start a new business of Lemon juice center good work on their faces and smoking pipes well done all together
This one is easy on the eyes. It's so cheerful and uplifting. Your caricaturizations of them are so spot on too. Great job.
Yuck, they both have those cold sores (not herpes, I hope ) ...
Thanks, everyone. I had a lot of fun with this one. Actually, it IS Herpes, Newsy. .
Paul. Congrats on the silver.
Lots of good craftsmanship in this chop, Doc. Well thought out. Depending on what is in that pipe you might have illustrated the problem with these two perfectly Congrats on the silver cup
Thanks, Bob. Thanks, Tim. Mix that stuff with booze and who knows what, and you get these two wonderful young adults.
Thanks, Mr. X. Thanks, PJ. Thanks, Dr. Silvercuspid.

Funny Soldiers Wife On His Motorcycle

Soldiers Wife On His Motorcycle
Member reactions:
wao good use of red color and the background. very romantic
Natural blending and great concept - love the autumn colors you have chosen
Close battle. I love the job you did. Congrats on grabbing a cup. It's always a good feeling when people like your work

Funny Tribute to Dead Wife Paintings

Tribute to Dead Wife Paintings
Member reactions:
Awesome.... out of the bounds job done with a out of box creativity great finish well done

Funny Janet Yellen Ben Bernanke's Wife

Janet Yellen Ben Bernanke's Wife
Member reactions:
Great..... work on putting the beard well done

Funny David Miscavige's Missing Wife

David Miscavige's Missing Wife
Scientology leader David Miscavige's wife not missing, police say
Member reactions:
Nice chop, but non news and nobody really cares.

Funny Vladimir Putin and Ex Wife with a Viagra Box

Vladimir Putin and Ex Wife with a Viagra Box
Vladimir Putin and his ex-wife Ludmila Putina
Member reactions:
Putin trying all the measures of getting energy during the struggle very freaky idea

Funny Putin's Next Wife

Putin's Next Wife
Russia's President Putin announced that he has divorced his wife, Lyudmila Putina, on the state TV channel. This comes as a shock to most Russians because the last time a Russia's leader divorced his wife was 400 years ago (Peter I). Putin claimed that he and Lyudmila "have drifted apart and had been living their own separate lives for a while because Lyudmila couldn't stand being in public". This divorce makes Putin #1 eligible bachelor in Russia, and opens a vacancy for a Russia's first lady. Russian media speculates that, even if Putin and his (ex) wife have drifted apart, there's no real reason for the divorce, except if Putin wants to marry another woman. Putin may also want to have a baby with his new wife, preferably a son, since he has two daughters from his first marriage. If these speculations are true, the whole world will soon know who this future Mrs. Putin is. Photoshop who you think may (or may not) be the Putin's next wife. (Any wedding photos or family photos make great entries.)

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