Sarah Sanders, The Black Widow Returns
Sarah Sanders, The Black Widow Returns
Sarah Sanders, The Black Widow Returns.

Funny Black Widow on Bicycle with Baby Hulk

Black Widow on Bicycle with Baby Hulk
Is Joss Whedon a feminist. "in "Age of Ultron," the butt-kicking Black Widow is a shadow of what she was in the original film. She's a subordinate presence, there to retrieve Captain America's shield and serve as Hulk Whisperer to stem the Angry Green Giant's rage with a caress and a lullaby
Member reactions:
Thank you Eric and Newsmaster. Yes Paul, it's my way of indicating speed.
Okay...great job and Gold congrats, jere.
Fabulous entry, J-Mix, Congrats snagging the Gold.

Funny Barack Obama in the Remake of Rear Widow Movie

Barack Obama in the Remake of Rear Widow Movie
Alfred Hitchcock's Thriller Rear Window Movie. President Obama's scheme to rid John Boehner from Washington.Hopefully to change Congress to agree on all of the presidents bills.
Member reactions:
Looks like it is first place from all pictures I saw in contest. Obama's Audi is much better with attached black label.
Barack, Hillary and Oprah Winfrey are misspelled.
OOOPs. Serves me right for staying up all night. Should have checked my spelling better.
Silver congrats, Nanny. Re the typos - you can always edit (click "edit entry" link in the entry view) until the contest voting is over.

Funny Black Widow Robot

Black Widow Robot
Member reactions:
A new Avatar is created to eradicate all the evils of the society Lots of weapons used to tackle all type of evils.. Terrorism, Corruption, Pollution a Great composition and a great job done
Awesome. Looks like a goddess of the indian
Core of the earth is producing fire in this picture brilliant chop with lucrative approach, Awesome theme
thank you everyone who voted. i didnt think i had it in me
Impressive piece, robin. Congrats on the gold and welcome back.
thanks guys and yes i was begining to miss you guys too.

Funny Shed a tear with the Black Widow

Shed a tear with the Black Widow
Member reactions:
Where's the onion. There ain't no stinkin' onion...
Still don't see an onion.
Striking image. I guess the abdomen is the onion, nice.
Yes, I tried to turn the onion into glass to contain the tears...
very well done i say..stuffed if i can do that..
Congrats on your 5th gold, and on your graduation from the Apprentice league, Evirio.
Thanks... so sad to leave those so funny apprentice contests.

Funny The Black Widow

The Black Widow
Member reactions:
Very nice. I may have made the spider web a little lighter; not as distracting.
Nice work Kristi, congrats on the silver. Would've been good to see the sources tho.
Very impressive art work. Did you do this from scratch. Sources would be nice

Funny Black Widow Woman

Black Widow Woman
Female of the species
Member reactions:
Cool female here. I hope her man has enough hands to handle her

Funny Conan O'Brien's Black Widow Bride

Conan O'Brien's Black Widow Bride

Funny Demi Moore the Widow

Demi Moore the Widow
Member reactions:
Spooky...might want to highlight the right side of the face like her neck is.
Thanks Rainman, you do have an eye for detail and I am blind.

Funny Widow Spider with a Neon Web

Widow Spider with a Neon Web
Many unfortunate travelers are lured into the subtle trap of the Neon Widow

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